ShinobiQuest II History Repeats Itself
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 SIDE STORY!!! Scary, isn't?

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PostSubject: SIDE STORY!!! Scary, isn't?   Tue Oct 21, 2008 4:05 pm

[Near a large canyon in between the Sand and Leaf Villages, a shadowy figure in a cloak and straw hat stands near a large pile of rocks]

Shadowman: (quietly, into a headphone microphone) Is this it?

Headphone: [full of static] ......... Yes sir. This is where the records indicate. At least, I think so. They're very old.

Shadowman: That's good enough for me.

[The man makes a motion to unseen figures, and four ANBU show up next to him]

Shadowman: Let's get started.

[The men start shifting through rocks. Several hours later...]

ANBU: Sir! Over here! We've found it!

[The man walks over, slowly, as if relishing the moment]

Shadowman: At long last! I've found it!

ANBU: Sir, if you don't mind... what is it?

Zetsumei: [grinning] This.... Is my most important discovery...

[The ANBU looks confused. Below them are the head, arm, and shattered remains of a black haired puppet]
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SIDE STORY!!! Scary, isn't?
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