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 The Expert Healer, Natura Tenshi

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PostSubject: The Expert Healer, Natura Tenshi   Fri Aug 29, 2008 2:31 pm

Name- Natura Tenshi

Age- 27

Rank- Anbu

Village- Leaf

Affinity- Earth

Clan- Tenshi

Weight- 130 lbs

Height- 6'1"

Personality- Kind hearted, protective
Likes – peace, animals and nature AND Lumiero

Dislikes– hate, destruction, people who liter and abuse forest

Ninjutsu: elemental jutsu (like fireball, earth wall, water dragon), medical, transformation

Taijutsu: great strength due to chakra control, use of elemental sword

Nin: 5
Tai: 3
Gen: 1
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 3
Force: 0
Chakra amount: 4
Chakra control: 3
Seal speed: 3
Seal knowledge: 4

History- born in a family of healers, Natura always loved nature and animals, she was always outside. As time grew she became a great medical ninja, but at the same time was good at elemental ninjutsu too. She had to make a choice, to be a full-fledged medical doctor or a jounin, she choose to be a jounin.

As time past, she gained more abilities having to do with nature, she learned how to make a seed grow in seconds, make vines move with the wave of her hand and to understand animals needs. She transforms into animals occasionally to learn more about them, she also uses animal transformation in battle, and it is very useful.

At this current time she completes missions for Lumiero, the Hokage, and is engaged to him and will be married soon...


Weapons- only one main weapon and use of kunais, shuriken and bombs

Elemental Sword
Length: none (until chakra is focused)
Width: any
Description – just a base of a sword, but can easily focus any elemental chakra through it to make lightning, fire, water, ice, or wind. Cannot break through sword and can make it any length.
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The Expert Healer, Natura Tenshi
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