ShinobiQuest II History Repeats Itself
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 3rd Branch Mansion

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PostSubject: 3rd Branch Mansion   Sat Feb 28, 2009 11:53 pm

Rio stands in the basement staring at the statue shaped like the Kyuubi within 5 of the tails of which were 5 of the 9 bijuu imprisoned within. "Only 5. I still haven't achieved destroying them for the last time. The other four are within Jinchuuriki so atleast no bijuu are running around in the world. However those four can still be seen as weapons for destruction. Therefore the bijuu still effect the world. I think the Ichibi is in a Sand ninja, but I could be wrong. Okaru was fused with the eight tails so I don't know what kind of effect taking it from him would have. Normally he would have lived but it would be too dangerous. The Yonbi is in the Tsuchikage, I heard. And finally the Sanbi. I have no idea where his host even is. I guess there's nothing I can do about those four bijuu for now. I'll just have to keep these five from being taken." Rio forms a handsign and the statue disappears. "With the difference of our chakra I'll live longer than them. I should live as long as Sonkei in fact. Those four have to lose their demons eventually. When those times come I'll take the opportunity and capture them ridding the world of the bijuu forever."

Rio "I will protect you from the pain of loss. To protect everyone from losing another I will die without hesitation. We live for each other more than for anything else."
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3rd Branch Mansion
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