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 Dove Summoning

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PostSubject: Dove Summoning   Fri Aug 29, 2008 2:40 pm

Summon: Doves
Signatures: Lumiero

Summoning: Pan
Rank: C
Description: A regular size dove usually summoned for sending messages. If attacked can use feather clone substitution, (one of Lumiero jutsus) replaces with feathers.

Summoning: Paula
Rank: B
Description: a medium size dove, but big enough to ride on. Used for transportation and also for combat purposes. Spits out air bullets and flaps its wings to make waves of wind or gust. Can also uses feather clone substitution.

Summoning: Great Dove Paloma
Rank: S
Description: A powerful and large (about the size of gamabunta) dove with sharp claws that are as hard as crystal. Spits out large air bullets and flaps its wings to make large tornadoes. Can command other birds at will and has crystal armor over it's body. It can use a substitution technique if it's in a bad situation, turning all of it's body into a mass of feathers that are actually paper bombs in disguise. This substitution has the power to decimate a large area because of the chain reactions. Also, being a heavenly creature, it has the ability to heal others that land on it. It's shining light energy similiar to what Lumiero lets it capable of such feats.
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Dove Summoning
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