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 Necromancer RP

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Necromancer Role Play

Thousands of years ago, a rift was opened in the space time continuum. Time and space were ripped apart, sending worlds smashing into each other, combining, and creating entirely new universes that gave birth to thousands of new species. The humans did not survive this encounter. Instead, they grew and adapted to the new surrounding, some becoming animals, others drinking the blood of life, and others created connections with the new worlds that surrounded them. Eventually, these groups split apart and became different colonies on earth. The blood drinkers went to Eastern Europe, thinking this to be an ironic placing considering the old stories about vampires originated there. The beasts went the America, for that was the most natural area in the world, the place that most resembled the wilderness. The ones that had made pacts with heaven and hell went the Western Europe, thinking this to be the center of modern society. The rest of the world was eventually consumed by the creeping control of Heaven and hell. Now the meta-humans are in a constant fight with both the Demons of the pits and the angels of the heights, and with each other. The world has become a dark place where only the strong and merciless survive.

You are one of them. You have become beast, vampire, necromancer, angel, or demon, and are living in the constant struggles that take place with the other races. The world is what you choose it to be, and you can either be its savoir, or its destroyer. The choice is yours.

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Necromancer RP
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