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 Ninja positions and bijuu status

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PostSubject: Ninja positions and bijuu status   Fri Jul 10, 2009 7:43 pm

Sannin 1: Rio (My character)
Sannini 2: Mako (Dark)
Sannin 3: Kousetsu (Puppet Master)

Hokage: Lumiero
Mizukage: Mako
Tsuchikage: Enkou
Raikage: Open
Kazekage: Rana

Leaf: Harmony
Sand: Zetsumei Kugutsu Tatsujin

Bijuu status
Ichibi: Jinchuuriki
Nibi: Jinchuuriki: Konzen
Sanbi: Jinchuuriki: Kousetsu
Yonbi: Jinchuuriki
Gobi: Captured
Rokubi: Captured (Soon to be taken by Akatsuki)
Shichibi: Captured (Soon to be taken by Akatsuki)
Yatsubi (Hachibi): Jinchuuriki: Okaru Kuragari
Kyuubi: Captured (Soon to be taken by Akatsuki

All captured bijuu are in possession of Rio the Sannin of the Leaf (My main character) So you'll have to fight him if you want to get them from him. Lol! Or I'll make a chapter within which selected (If not all) bijuu will be released.

Rio "I will protect you from the pain of loss. To protect everyone from losing another I will die without hesitation. We live for each other more than for anything else."
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Ninja positions and bijuu status
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