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 The Mebu Clan

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PostSubject: The Mebu Clan   Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:40 am

Clan Name: Mebu Clan
Members: Kyoshiro Mebu, Uknown.
Location: Nowhere anymore. The Beast Village, home of the Mebu Clan was destroyed. (Will learn more in background)

Background: The Mebu Clan founded the Beast Village which was located thirty miles offshore from the Mist Village. It is unseeable by land. The Mebu Clan's territory on that village had been only one fifth of the giant island which would stretch on for over three hundred miles out and get wider the farther out it went. The Beast Village was on the edge of it in the large clearing before the giant forest began. These trees were the size of small mountains and are home to unimaginable beasts. Some Mebu Clan scientists had created some hybrid creatures without the kage's knowing, but their creations destroyed them and ran into the wild and bred, creating even more dangerous hybrids. Some are even in the sea but only go up to ten miles out in the water. The land on which the Beast Village is located has large forests, mountain's larger than normal, and deserts that are hotter than all the others. The only reason the creatures have not tried to go for the other villages was because the Mebu Clan were the only ones that could keep them in check.

The Mebu Clan were not really known about except for a few villages. They usually stayed out of afairs, but were often sought after because of their... qualities. The Mebu Clan were a strong and dangerous clan. Their fighting qualities, excellent excell in taijutsu, and their bloodline made them like killing machines. Killing machines certain countries wanted to use for war to gain control. But the Mebu Clan would agree to help them. So one day, in the dead of night, assassin's were sent to the Beast Village to kill them. Some Villages had feared them, and so if they wouldn't side with them, they would kill them so they couldn't be used against them. Of course, the Mebu's smelled them coming, but it was a little too late. Before the Mebu Clan could get even up from their beds, their houses were set aflame or frozen. It is thought that none survived... But few did survive.

The survivors usually do not let themselves be known and usually hide as normal shinobi in villages. Though occasionally you will hear rumors about a surviving member. But one day they were all forgotten about and so was the incident that happened at the Beast Village. Though, for some strange reason, the creatures that inhabited the island never did run loose.

Now, eight years later and the Mebu Clan, along with the Beast Village, have been completely forgotten about and so when a Mebu Clan member is revealed, noone pays any attention to them, thinking its a new clan. Though in certain history scrolls you can find out about the Village and the Clan. As for the village that destroyed them? They were never revealed.

Jutsu: The Mebu Clan mainly focus around Blood Style Jutsu. They're kekkei genkai allows them the ability for the Blood Style as well as the kekkei genkai has other things to it.

Skills: Mainly excellent at Taijutsu, but is good with a Ninjutsu a bit.

Kekkei Genkai Name: Berserk

Kekkei Genkai Ability: The Mebu clan are adept users at blood jutsu and it only costs them half the chakra needed to use blood jutsu. The Mebu are born fighters and killers. They are killing machines. Always seeking battle, wanting to get stronger, yet they all retain honor, except for one which was Kyoshiro's only brother. But now the Mebu clan is nearly extinct. Only a few are left and it's rare to see a Mebu outside of their village. Kyoshiro's father is the current kage. His brother was apart of what caused the Mebu clan to become endagered. Noone knows of Kazuki's whereabouts.

First off, every Mebu has the ability to manipulate the level of their five senses from when they are born. It's perfect for assassination and fighting.

Then. After years of training, given the right circumstance or emotional stress. They have two forms to their bloodline, well three if you wanna count their normal selves. But in the first form, they get a few tiger stripe markings on their arms and legs, and they get 3 whisker markings on their face. Their strength, speed, endurance, and stamina double from their original selves.

Then, finally. It's their final form. They obtain even more stripe marking on their arms, legs, back to a little over their chest. Then a six foot long tail sprouts from their spinal cord, which is basically the body copying itself to produce a longer, yet fake but stronger spine. The tail even has stripes on it and is used like a whip and can hold up to double their body weight. Then the strength, speed, endurance, and stamina is doubled from that of their other form. This form will be unlocked only under extreme occasions that deal with dieing of themself or an extreme emotional state like the death or near death of a loved one while they are getting their ass kicked.

But the drawback to these powerful states are that it drives their body past it's limits so when they go back to normal they will be unconscious for a certain amount of time. This is mainly so their body can go through a healing process.

The Mebu Clan is usually identifiable by a triple claw marking somwhere on there body. It is given to Mebu Clan members and those that the Mebu Clan will allow to become apart of the Beast Village.

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PostSubject: Re: The Mebu Clan   Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:18 pm

I approve.

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The Mebu Clan
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