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 Character Formula

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PostSubject: Character Formula   Fri Aug 29, 2008 2:54 pm

Name: Post character's name

Age: Post his real age

Rank: Post your desired rank

Village: Post desired village

Affinity: The elemental nature of your chakra.

Type: Are you nin, tai, or gen? Just what your strong points are.

Specialized: What style do you use? if you're a tai, do you specialize in assasination, or swordfighting? list below.

Clan: What clan is he apart of, you have to have the clan approved.

Physical description: Height, weight, what does he/she look like? clothes, all that stuff.

Personality: What kind of person is this character like, I want complete and full details.

Likes: What he/she likes.

Hates: What he/she dislikes.

Background: What is your character's past, put in as much detail as you want, but save a little to be revealed in the story.

Weapon Name: Name of weapon (japanese is prefered, with translation)
Type: What kind of weapon? Mace, axe, sword?
Classification: Even further detail, like for sword, Broad sword? Saber? etc.
Description: What is looks like, color, length, made of?
Ability: What can your weapon do?

Stats: (you also need these, look at the Rules topic to find them)

Rio's update: Jinchuuriki characters will also need an additional area where they describe each of their demon forms from the Pre-demon cloak form to the maximum tailed form of your demon. You do not have to write out all the tailed forms only the ones with the most significant changes that occur. For example the form where your cloak changes or a later form when further formation of the bijuu's body structure occurs and most importantly the form where your jinchuuriki loses control of themself and are taken over by their bijuu.
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Character Formula
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