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 Honda Tetsu Jutsu

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PostSubject: Honda Tetsu Jutsu   Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:16 am

Name: Lightning Armour

Rank: B

Description of Justu: Theres a thick layer of 2cm of electric field around the user. The colour of it is a mixture of violet and dark blue depending on the intensity of the jutsu.

Down Sides: This restrict the user from using any other jutsu such as his bloodline(Before using Doujutsu, but once in the astral realm its acceptable) or any hand seal type. But like the element nature, this can easily be broken with a wind element jutsu.

Effect: Anything that physically touch will get electrocuted, at first its just a mere shock but after a long period type. It may cause paralysis by making the opponent numb by confusing its nerve.

History: This is the only defensive jutsu he possess, but wasnt really designed for that. Tetsu also have found away to implement it into an offensive ability, with the right strategy that is. This is one of the abilities he had learned from his senpai of his team.
Name: Lightning Release: Thunder Binding

Rank: B

Description of Justu: This technique lets the user create a three sided wall of electricity to bind their opponent. The user must have three conductors(I assume i can create them instead of walking around with those things on my back) to stick in the ground to create the points. Furthermore, once the enemy is inside, if they come into contact with the wall they will be electrocuted. The only way the jutsu can be broken is if an outside party were to strike one of the wall with a strong enough attack, which will then deactivate the other walls.

Down Sides: It takes a complete 3 minutes to completely set it up, its not a battle technique. It is used for prisoners or preperation for a battle. If the opponent have an ability to be immune to electricty via ability, this whole technique is void.

Effect: Completely trap opponents and allies alike in this cage. If people tries to break through inside with their taijutsu, they will get electrocuted and any other known jutsu cannot break through as far as history goes.

History: This technique was learned through research through the library in Cloud Village. It is a jutsu that even foreign villages know such as Konoha, but it wasnt hard to find. But to master it took almost a year to understand the concept behind it. This was a self taught jutsu.
Name: Lightning Speed

Rank: A

Description of Justu: This is quick hand seal where this ninjutsu art provide much speed to the target by making the property of the leg purely electricty. Although the leg remain physical, it may appear pure lightning. The colour of the lightning is violet. If i have to compare the speed i would say Rock Lee speed without leg weights)

Down Sides: Overuse(Count as five per battle) could actually burn the leg of the target and only last 90 seconds per use. After use makes the target momentaraily sluggish for 10 seconds to get used to the speed of your ability.

Effect: The speed of the user is increased almost as speed as lightning, it is mostly used for travel or to used for taijutsu. It can momentaraily paralyze an opponent for a spilt second.

History: This jutsu aint entirely a ninja art, it has often referred to normal people as hermes sandal or of the sort. But the secret was stolen from the temple of Lightning Country from another member of Honda family and kept it as a family jutsu ever since. It was passed down on approval that he was the prodigy of this family generation.
Name: Electricity Manipulation

Rank: C

Description of Justu: This is simply controling existing lightning jutsu or other electric type of an element including lightning.

Down Sides: Theres no really downside by this jutsu by the exception that its difficult to find electric properties in the natural enviroment. Which makes it very specific for the user to use it in strategic situations.

Effect: Able to manipulate electric properties such as extending it, moving it or even intensifying it.

History: This Ninjutsu was nothing special and has always been in the academy of Cloud Village as it is mostly worthless skill to use since its not offensive or defensive but purely supportive. He learned it upon his team senpai.
Name: Striking Blade

Rank: A

Description of Justu: This is a striking bolt from his finger tip shooting at his designated targets. It is also possible to shoot from his other fingers.

Down Sides: Its potentially weak depending how long he charges it for.

Effect: Merely a stun(Instant), cause minor damage(2 seconds), a fierce as bullet(5 seconds) and cause of a small radius explosion of 5 meters upon impact(10 seconds). The speed is the speed of lightning, but due to the delay of doing stronger version of the move. It gives the chance for his opponent to attack.

History: This is his first offensive Jutsu he has learned upon his beggining of Shinobi era. This is classed as an A rank ability due to potential of causing heavy damage.
Name: Honda style seal

Rank: A

Description of Justu: The person uses a tag to summon a large spear that must be held by two hand, from which then he needs only one attack on the opponent through impale to send the person into a coma. The weapon can disappear at the users will or if the user is unconcious.

Down Sides: The actually weapon is actually too slow to be used in fast paced combo, but can be use at strategic moment or after battle.

Effect: This puts the opponent in a coma like status until the seal is broken. The seal infact is not difficult to break, but it is largely used to put away a strong enemy away or prisioners.

History: This is one of the special family seal that the family has, although it is not an extraordinary seal. It is usually to incapitate the opponent renderless for special purposes. This technique was taught by the mother of the family, who specialised in seals and breaking seals as well.

OOC: These are the foundations jutsus of my character, more will come by Wink
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Honda Tetsu Jutsu
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