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 Honda Clan

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PostSubject: Honda Clan   Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:20 am

Clans Name: Honda Clan
Members: Only Tetsu Honda so far
Location: Cloud Village
Backround: The Honda clan was established at the 2nd Kage era, at first they played an important role in the Great Ninja War but unfortunatly the Honda Clan wasnt able to create great ninjas and only created weak ninjas who only reached the potential as Chunnin mainly because they were able to master the full ability of Kekkei Genkai, but they were exceptional diplomats and envoys due to Piercing Deception ability.

But occasionally they had prodigy of the clan almost once in every generation of the Honda Clan and those were the elites of the Honda clan which rumored can rival the Hyuga and Uchiha clan.

The Condemned eye is rumoured to be related to the Uchiha and Hyuga clan Kekkei Genkai but is argued that these families are from two different villages and have no relation at all. In history, it dates longer than Sharigan but not many people were able to harness the true potential of Condemned Eyes. They only reached as far as Piercing Deception and therefore most of the families turned out to be civil servants or diplomats. The few who acquire the full potential of the Kekkei Genkai were sought to be the best of their generation.

Jutsus: Honda Style Seal(So far, will add as we progress)

Skills: Doujutsu mainly

Kekkei Genkai Name: Condemned Eyes(If you can think of something better, feel free to suggest)

Kekkei Genkai Ability:
Condemnation- Its a Doujutsu art which traps the opponent in the user reality. Where the user ability is increased by double fold. That is the user strength, speed, agility and endurance. This doesnt affect the Jutsu of the user. They both could use jutsu's beside Genjutsu in this world, this includes Bloodline limit from opponent since its their sub-reality. But like Genjutsu, it can be interrupted if a person is physically touched. All damage are mental based, so if the opponent is convinced he dies he dies in the real world (Require 30% of Chakra to initiate. But every 5 minutes, 10% Chakra is consumed. In total the user can only use 40 minutes of time)

Piercing Deception- The user can see in the soul of a person, figuring out their true intentions as well as finding out whether the person is telling the truth or not. (Automatic when eye is revealed, but in RP and battle purposes is basically what i read of their post. But only their emotions and what they lie about.)
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Honda Clan
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