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 Amada Tatsuya

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PostSubject: Amada Tatsuya   Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:55 am

Name: Amada Tatsuya

Age: 11

Rank: Genin

Village: Sand

Affinity: Earth

Type: Ninjutsu but will develop into Taijutsu as his story progress

Specialized: He suck in every aspect since to the severe disadvantage of being blind. But him being blind kind of gives him advantages over Genjutsu and some illusions. But where everything balance out is his Kekkei Genkai, but he still needs to master it.

Clan: Amada

Physical description:

Height: 1m 56cm
Weight: 9 Stones
Hair: Short Black hair
Eyes: Unknown to many, but its pure black
Clothing/Armor/Gear: Beside by his long blind fold, he had a skull belt which was given to his older brother. He had said to him that this belt will help him in future but must figure it out what it was. Beside from that he wears a leather coat with his right sleeve ripped. But he usually keep his right sleeve tied up by his bandage to make it look like whole for some unknown reason. His head band is usually put on in front of his coat.
Other: His headband is customised to show his clan insignia rather than the village. But most Leaf ninjas can recognise it or other ninjas who has studied about his clan.

Personality: He is withdrawn from society and often is confused in what is going on. Many consider him as a loner since no other peers in his classroom decide to befriend him because of his disability or no person often give pity. Although he is often lonely, he manage to live with this habit and dont mind being alone. But because of this, he has a low self-esteem believing that he is a below average ninja and cannot fight on his own ground.

Likes: Soothing music and singing, sound of the nature, tea ceremony, peace and quiet and to have fun

Hates: Large group of people, screeching noise, getting bullied upon and being left behind

Background: Tatsuya is from Amada clan, he is one of many ninjas from this clan who's bloodline depends on them being blind to enhance other senses as well strengthening his own blind eyes in a bizzare way. All of this clan born normally, with normal vision and such, but if they could see normally their bloodline limit cannot be used to its most effectiveness. So Tatsuya began to train at the age of 4 using a blindfold to limit his vision so he can get used to fight with blindness. Before they could start the Ninja Academy, each member of the clan including Tatsuya goes under a little ritual. This ritual is force blindness on to the child to make him blind using a special form of chemicals. Once blinded permantly, he went to the Ninja Academy with great handicapped. Since he was not anything special from beforehand unlike a prodigy, he found it extremely difficult to keep up with the other students and it took him untill he was eleven years old to graduate eventually. But to many ninjas, they would never know the true power of this clan power as not many has seen them in action beside from the older generation ninjas when they were in the war.

Nin: 3
Tai: 1
Intelligence: 3
Speed: 1
Power: 1
Chakra amount: 1
Chakra control: 3
Seal speed: 2
Seal knowledge:

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Amada Tatsuya
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