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 Amada Clan

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PostSubject: Amada Clan   Mon Jul 27, 2009 9:18 am

Clans Name: Amada Clan
Members: Amada Clan only
Location: ____ Village
Backround: This clan 's bloodline depends on them being blind to enhance other senses as well strengthening his own blind eyes in a bizzare way. All of this clan born normally with normal vision and such, but if they could see normally their bloodline limit cannot be used to its most effectiveness or to its potential. But before they could start the Ninja Academy, each member of the clan goes under a ritual. This ritual is forcefully blinding the child to make him blind permantly using a special form of chemicals. Once blinded permantly, they go to the Ninja Academy as usual. But to many ninjas, they would never know the true power of this clan power as not many has seen them in action beside from the older generation ninjas when they were in the war.

Jutsus: None(None thought up yet)

Skills: Ninjutsu and Genjutsu mainly

Kekkei Genkai Name: Impure Eyes

Kekkei Genkai Ability:
True Sight- The blind user can see his surrondings in chakra material, able to distinguish who has Kekkei Genkai such as having a different chakra colour around their eyes and able to see powerful or charging up attack since the intensity of the chakra is increased. He could also realise the weak points in certain attacks due to low amount of Chakra. But after awhile, he can distinguish an ally from an enemy since he remembers the chakra since unlike Byakugan(sp). His ability focuses a lot more on the differentition of chakra in different people.

Sightless World- The user creates a 10 meter blinding white sphere, which is physical matter and any opponent caught in the sphere would lose his sight sense. Whereas the user maybe blinded by the light, he is accustom to blindness and would use his other senses to catch him or uses his eyes. The user will attack the opponent mercilessly but it has it weakpoints. First it would be that the sphere can be crushed from the outside as the blinding light will seep out and secondly, people who has certain eyes like Byakugan which gives an extraordinary sight and dont use the simplicity of normal vision can see normally in the blinding light but his other senses will be nulled. Every post i make would consume 8% of my chakra

Eyes of Despair- When his opponents see the users eyes, fear would be instilled in them making them feel hopelessness and believe they can get killed by the person. This often result in his opponents to flee or to fight in a dishearten stage and make many mistakes as well to hesitate. This ability only last for an hour and can work on numerous people but only if they make direct eye contact. This ability only works on first encounterment, after that it wont work again on the same opponent.

Emotional Influence- This is not really a battle ability, but a trait of the eyes. Depending on the user emotional stage, such as happiness, anger, fear or sadness. This will be passed on to the people around him and affect their moods.
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Amada Clan
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