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 The Great Rasengan Masters, The Mezclado Clan

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PostSubject: The Great Rasengan Masters, The Mezclado Clan   Fri Aug 29, 2008 3:19 pm

Clan Name: Mezclado

Members: Lumiero, Diavolo and other non-important people

Location: Leaf village

Background: Called the Rasengan clan for creating the rasengan. The fourth hokage learned it from this clan and told his students it was his own technique (bad hokage). Mezclado means mixed, most members of this clan have very different affinities for elements, Lumiero is wind and Diavolo is fire. To become a full member of this clan you must learn rasengan and to be recognized as a great member you must mix your affinity to make a mixed rasengan, most members cannot do this except Diavolo and Lumiero, they are gifted and have created wind and fire rasengan (but use light and dark rasengan because of their chakras). Diavolo is now on a mission to kill this whole clan for disowning him, but with Lumiero around, it wont be happening anytime soon.

Jutsu: Rasengan
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The Great Rasengan Masters, The Mezclado Clan
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