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 Uchimura Soseki(Akatsuki)

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PostSubject: Uchimura Soseki(Akatsuki)   Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:17 pm

Uchimura Soseki





Genjustu; Taijustu.

Close-combat, sheer strength/defense, illusions and mind-play.

Soseki Clan

Physical description:
Uchimura is a big man, though not necessarily huge or massive. His arms are not an enormous mass of muscle some would suspect from someone of his stature. He's well fit but stands over others with his height of six feet and five inches.

He looks to be a greatly fit man. His body in a nice, slim tone but easily noticed to be on the higher side with strength; he must be strong to drag around Burakku Debabouchou. His skin is dark as if stained by years of a desert sun. His flesh is cracked and lines in old scars as well as dirt from travel. His fingernails are hardly noticeable from a distance, blending in with the fingers they are attached by the amount of filth covering them.

Uchimura's hair, and most of his face, is unseen due to a full mask he wears. Leather in appearance, in mask has a dirty tan look and various crude stitching. In a spattered coloring, the left half of the mask seems to have a dark brown, reddish tint to it. There are only three openings to the mask, one for the neck, another for his left eye, and one for his mouth which is relatively tight and drawn together to keep from having his mouth shown. His left eye is the only shown area of his face, relieving a lighter, scared area of skin and his gray eye. It's argued that the mask is worn to hide Uchimura's scars from years of fighting.

One very noticeable scar is carved down his right arm, under the chains. It's light and averagely an inch in thickness while ranging from his shoulder and dragging down in uneven poster to his wrist. Possibly caused by some type of torture.

As Uchimura is tall and quite lean, his outfit is rather tight and shows it off. Wearing a customary Akatsuki robe, cut up and stitched to Uchimura's likings. Along the right seem, where the robes have been cut, pulled to, and tightened around him are a series of thick stitching. A small sleeve was made for his right arm to exit. The sleeve is only three inches.

Uchimura's personality is hard to put a finger on. It is mostly described through his movements and actions with his lack of facial jesters and the seeming inability to speak. Uchimura's outward appearance shows a violent man with sever mental problems, not the kind of a cliche murderer, but those that truly strikes fear into hearts in the nightmarish way. His repetitive twitching and jerking movements give the impression that Uchimura has a hard time controlling his body, possibly brain damage or internal problems. He's violent to a high degree, known to strike without warning for no given reason. He's known as a blubbering idiot; the ideals caused by his lack of speech and movements though is only disproven by his mastery and intelligence over genjustu.

Within Uchimura's mind, well, the story is slightly different. To him everyone is an enemy; the world is cast in blood. Those who fight by his side are only kept in his trust through his own personal gain, which is not obvious as of yet. If one gets in his way, he will have no problem cutting them down.

Through all of Uchimura's dark being, there may be a soft side. It's well known, by people who's at least noticed, that Uchimura has an obsession with birds. Why? Possibly it's his desire to be free like the bird, not as if he's a prisoner, but the burden he carries.


Himself; almost anything.

Uchimura's background; hardly really known. Tales of his life have never been told outside of stories about him. It's said he's from the Rock Village; that's where most of his stories and rumors escape from. One such rumor is said that Uchimura eliminated an entire house without ever moving three feet from his anchored blade. Of course, those are only rumors.

It's hard to understand how someone like Uchimura can have such a talent for genjustu. His personality just seems to cut the idea.

Now Uchimara is part of the Akatsuki, a role he hardly takes serious.

Burakku Debabouchou


A large two-sided hunk of sharpened metal.

Burakka Debabouchou is a large weapon built for pure strength, literally just a huge chunk of metal which has been sharpened at both sides. The weight alone is enough to shatter bone and rip flesh from a small drop.

About a meter and two feet in length and two feet wide; the tip is blunt metal, looking to be perfect for a painful impale. The metal is scratched, stained, and partially rusted along the edges. The hilt of the weapon is nothing more than an excess of steel wrapped in black, bloody cloth.

When not in use, Burakku Debabouchou is wrapped in stained tan cloth completely and then wrapped in a thick chain which is attached to the very end of the weapon's hilt and wraped around his right arm. The weapon is dragged along the ground by the chain.

Burakku has no ability besides its own downfall. Due to its weight, it's a natural slow weapon despite it's power. Uchimura is slowed greatly by the blade, acting as an anchor. Uchimura can only move within the limit the chain allows, so long as he still is chained.

Nin: 0
Intelligence: 2
Speed: 3
Power: 5
Chakra amount:3
Chakra control: 4
Seal speed: 5
Seal knowledge: 3

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PostSubject: Re: Uchimura Soseki(Akatsuki)   Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:22 pm

Wow, really nice character. I really like him. Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Uchimura Soseki(Akatsuki)   Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:24 pm

I like him a lot Rosie, you certainly did good on this one. ^_^ Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Uchimura Soseki(Akatsuki)   Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:50 pm

I feel as if I can make him better somehow. I don't know. I suspect he'll be killed rather easy.
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PostSubject: Re: Uchimura Soseki(Akatsuki)   

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Uchimura Soseki(Akatsuki)
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