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 Tentouyama clan

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PostSubject: Tentouyama clan   Fri Jul 31, 2009 9:03 am

Clans: Name: Tentouyama Clan

Members: constantly Konzen Miyamoto , or Riketz Tentouyama which was his birth name.

Location: Unknown, they are a hidden clan. Nomadic and constantly moving.

Backround: The Tentouyama clan are an ancient clan, feared by all who have faced their once mighty ninja. They dissapeared hundreds of years ago into the far reaches of the many mountains of the world. A small band of them emerged to wander the many lands of the world, and rehone their skills. They are so powerful because of their selective breeding to ensure the survival and strength of their bloodline and kekkei genkai, and their rigorous training that is worked into their daily lives.

Jutsus: The warriors of the Tentouyama clan rely on two things. Their inherrant ability of Taijutsu, and their Kekkei genakai.

Skills: The clan’s Kekkei Genkai is a Doujutsu. When activated, it has three forms. The first form causes no discernable change to the user’s eyes bar the tightening of the iris around the pupil and a slight glow around the edges of the iris. The users perception of time is enhanced. As such, to the user time seems to pass around him at half the normal rate, and he or she can react at twice the speed of normal. This technique is called “Mokushi Sono Shinko Washi" or “Sight of the true Eagle” (Post limit five posts. Once this effect wears off the user is groggy, and partially blind for two posts)

The second form is called “Kokoro Sono Shinko Tora” or “Mind of the true Tiger”. In this form the eyes of the user remain the same, but their body grows stronger, and blood is pumped faster around it allowing the user to move with twice the speed and power of usual. This strains the body as it is pushing it to its limits, and cannot be maintained for more than a handful of minutes at very best. Even at this, a good day or two of recovery is necessary for the body to return to normal strength. (Post limit eight posts, and the user is left weakened for ten posts, half strength.)

The final form is simply called “Oni Boushi” or “Demon Eye”. In this form, the users eyes are completley enveloped in their chakra, the colour depending on the user. The user’s senser are all brought up to doubble the speed of the first form, and chakra courses through their veins, allowing them to see, hear, smell, taste, feel, react , move and strike at quardupple their normal speed and strike with quardrupple the power. In this form, time itself seems to stop, but only for ten or so minutes. If the user exceedes this limit, their sight and muscles begin to degrade, to the point where their body tears itself apart and the user is left literally lifeless. After this form is used, the user must wear a bandage around their eyes for at least a week, their senses are overly sensative and rest for half of that. (Post limit three to four posts depending on how much the usere pushes themselves. If the user goes for four, they are left incapacitated for the rest of the fight, and the resting period is extended by a week.)
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PostSubject: Re: Tentouyama clan   Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:56 am

Alright since Rana helped you modify it I guess approve worthy so I approve

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PostSubject: Re: Tentouyama clan   Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:29 pm

i approve as well

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PostSubject: Re: Tentouyama clan   

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Tentouyama clan
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