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 Demon Dragon Summong

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PostSubject: Demon Dragon Summong   Fri Aug 29, 2008 3:26 pm

Summoning: Demon Dragon Summoning
Contractor: Diavolo
Rank: S
Description: summons powerful demonic dragons. They all breathe black flame and can create powerful storms with the flap of their wings. Smaller dragons can fly at high speeds and bigger dragons are slower but wiser. Uses about 10 % of chakra for smaller dragons, the biggest dragon which four time larger takes 40 %.

Summoning: Aku
Rank: B
Description: Diavoloís most common summon, as a smaller dragon it can fly at high speeds (can fly at speed of sound). He can breathe black flame (Aku in particular is known to use techniques reminiscent to fire ball jutsu and phoenix flower jutsu with black flame) and can create powerful winds with the flap of their wings (like wind great breakthrough). Aku is also a very good messenger.

Summoning: King Akuma
Rank: S
Description: Only summons if desperate because it uses a lot of chakra, plus Akuma is a pain just like Gamabunta (kings and bosses donít like to be summoned). Can do anything Aku can do but better, except for the speed part. Can also breath out toxic gas that can kill and melt a whole village (must be very stinky). Has a humongous amount of chakra and has skin that if touched is burned forever by a black flame. His claws and teeth are harder than any substance. Can control and summon other demonic dragons for his bidding. Also if hit hard by something big, he can substitute with black flame.
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Demon Dragon Summong
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