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 Soseki Clan

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PostSubject: Soseki Clan   Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:30 pm

Soseki Clan

Uchimura Soseki

Rock Village

The Soseki Clan is endigiounous to the Rock Village, and in most cases, rarely leave. Knows as a soft, delicate clan, the Soseki are gentle people which are hardly ever seen in batle. Since the early days, they have avoided conflict. There is little impressive history about these people.


Juritsu Konki
Juritsu Konki is the first form of the Soseki's kekkei genkai. A natural ability which remains active throughout the entire life the Soseki family, which holds their natural low chakra amount in check. Juritsu Konki is a trait formed by the Soseki's abnormal chakra which feeds on itself. In its constant depleting factor, Juritsu Konki begins its regeneration, forming three times the amount of energy it destroyed. It's this trait that forms the Soseki Clan's rapid regeneration. It's thought of as a cure but there's a downside, a fetal one at that. Juritsu Konki requires at least one-forth of the user's chakra to remain untouched for its diet of pure chakra. If the clan member taps into too much chakra and over-uses the amount, pushing the user under one-forth of his natural chakra amount, Juristu Konki will no longer have the required amount of substance to regenerate, ceasing the up-side, but that will not stop the consumption. It will continue to feast until the chakra is completely empty and it will look for more nourishment, eventually feeding upon organs and flesh. The ultimatum is death unless Juristu Konki is stopped until enough chakra has been restored into the user's body. The natural chakra restore rate for a Soseki clansmen is multiple times the amount of an average ninja. It may be days before Juristu Konki is ready to resume its regeneration.

Seishou Deri-to
Seishou Deri-to is the second stage of the Soseki kekkei genkai, though once it has been tapped by a powerful user, it may be accessed at any time. Seishou Deri-to is an ability which allows the user to seemingly absorb the chakra from a victim. The mechanics are similar to those of Juritsu Konki. The user must make skin contact with the victim and remain in contact for a minimum of twenty-three seconds. In these moments, Juritsu Konki becomes aware of an alternate chakra source and attaches to the victim through unique pours at the tip of the user's fingers. At this point, Juritsu Konki begins to consume the victims chakra and regenerate the user's chakra at no cost.

In the Seishou Deri-to stage, all Juritsu Konki attributes remain as well.

Seishou Sai
Seishou Sai is a low-cost seal which stops the effect of the Soseki Clan's kekkei genkai.

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^_^ approved.
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Soseki Clan
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