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 Onryo Summon

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PostSubject: Onryo Summon   Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:23 pm

Summon:Onryo-Vengeful Spirit.
Signed: Unknown. There's some a series of symbols however they're unreadable.
Contractor: Vena Cava
History: Vena honestly admits he forget where he found this. Though he has a memory about it though if it was reality or a dream is unsure. He states he was near a waterfall and there was a monk; and a dead woman. They were in a hut: It reeked of oranges and cuttlefish. There was an empty scroll. Wait was the woman alive;was he even a monk?

All he remembers is having the scroll.

Summon creature: Name Unknown: Called Obake.
Rank:Starts on E rank; Increases one rank each post.
Description: Obake appears as a mangled woman. Hers bones seem shattered in every place. The flesh on her seems water rotted and almost blue. She lacks eyes but there is some kind of brown gunk in them that bleeds ooze. She wears a white robe- Though it been tainted brown and looks quite grungy. He face is covered by here long, soaked, grimy black hair and you typically cannot see her face.

Obake is probably one of the most useless summons in existence. Besides it eerie history is useless. She not cannot be in contact with direct sun light.So fighting in a room is more desirable. This room is usually the place where she was summoned. She cannot travel far from where she is summoned. Usually this is limited by the size of the room.

She does attack. It is usually a brutal barrage of biting and swiping.Though if you manage to get attacked you've most likely messed up. Obake gains more power the longer you fight her and the more you think about attacking her the more likely it is she is going to dodge. The simplest method of disposing of her is just running in there and start recklessly firing of attacks in her direction. This will kill her presence. It usually isn't after the 4th post of an encounter where she starts to attack her opponent and her attacks are weak generally weak. The thing to remember is if you hesitate when dealing with her she'll get stronger off your doubt and your hesitation.

Vena questions why he even has this scroll. It's pretty useless. No- as far as he knows; has been killed by her. I guess it because she can slow someone down and the fact after she's kill the ink on the summon fades back in. For some reason she doesn't die. He's been planning on giving the scroll to someone else or burning it but for now he'll keep it.
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PostSubject: Re: Onryo Summon   Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:39 pm

With the changes you made, it looks fine to me. Approved.

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Onryo Summon
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