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 Hikato's history

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PostSubject: Hikato's history   Fri Aug 07, 2009 2:46 pm

Hikato grew up in the mist village, living with her clan the No’tido clan. They were known for their healing skills and were highly regarded among people. Hikato never minded that she was born to be a healer; after all it was a clan tradition. One night a shinobi from another clan requested Hikato herself go and heal their leader. Hikato accepted the offer since the pay was a nice one. The day was dark when she left, her spirits were high though. They travelled for two days, and eventually came to where the clan was. Hikato gazed over the place with mixed feelings it looked so forbidding. She sighed and then shifted around slightly in her position as she gazed toward the large building.

“Well come on Hikato No’tido.” The man behind her murmured gently placing a hand against her back giving her a faint push. Hikato looked toward the man over her shoulder, and then gazed back forward, stepping toward the building. What was she feeling? Dread? Her eyes narrowed, and then she stepped forward.

This place seemed so dark... She frowned lightly for a moment, and then peered at the man leading her. “What was his illness again?” She asked with a smile.

“A curse mark was placed on him. We were told your clan can remove most of these seals, we were hoping you could fix his, please.” The man said his voice gentle yet pleading.

“Ah...” Hikato’s eyes flickered down ward now, and then she understood the feeling she held. Her clan held a power which could take enough chakra to destroy the marks. But they had never told anyone this before... Her eyes narrowed. This was a trap wasn’t it?
The man lead her to a chamber where a young man lay under blankets, moaning in agony.

She sighed softly, drawing her chakra in to herself, and then peered toward the men watching her. She glowered. “If you want my help then please respect my words, and leave this room.” She snapped. The men stepped back, looking unsure of what to do but followed her words leaving the room. She peered down at the young man as the candles flickered all around her.

The energy which glowed from her hands was a bright purple, not the normal green. She smiled and then set to healing. A few hours passed.
She stepped outside of the room, silently closing the door behind. She was tired, exhausted...

She stepped forward, her eyes closing, and she yawned softly. Her eyes flickered to the man who watched her silently, “We’ll give you a room for the night.” He said leading Hikato to a large bedroom. She starred at it in silence and then closed her eyes sighing.
“Thank you.” She murmured going to bed. She listened to talks outside of her room as her eyes closed, hearing everything they were saying. She sighed softly. This was going to end bad... She fell asleep...

The morning came, sunlight filtered in through the window. Hikato stretched yawning, her chakra wasn’t as full as she would have liked.. She sighed softly, and then rocked her legs back and forth before falling down onto her feet from the bed. She walked toward the door opening it. The Head of the clan was walking down the wall way and smiled toward her. “Thank you Hikato for healing me.” He said now.

Hikato nodded her head, “Can I get my pay now, please...” She asked lightly, and the man smiled.

“Of course follow me.” He said simply leading Hikato behind him. He snapped his fingers and two guards grabbed her arms and forced them behind her. She let out a sharp exhale, what the hell was going on. “You see, we can’t let you leave knowing that we held a curse on us that so many people accused us of having. We’re also doing this as a punishment to your family. They brag you’re their most talented healer yet.” He said with a smile.

Understanding flickered in her eyes...
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Hikato's history
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