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 The Suzumebachi Clan

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PostSubject: The Suzumebachi Clan   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:24 pm

Name: Suzumebachi Clan

Members: Hisak and Rikoi Suzumebachi

Location: Formerly Konoha

Background: Originally part of the Aburame Clan centuries ago a schism occurred between two twin brothers who were both trying to become the Head of the Clan. Both Brothers having different views on their abilities to use insects and how to run the Clan this led to a split between the family causing the birth of the Suzumebachi Clan. For five centuries this Clan would hold a bitter rivalry with their Aburame cousins leading the Suzumebachi to push themselves to extraordinary lengths to develop a power that would crush the Aburame clan. This led to the creation of the Suzumebachi's powerful doujutsu as well as the birth of Hisaki Suzumebachi who in a single night would wipe out more than 90% of the clan. As of now no one in the leaf knows if there are any other Suzumebachi alive other than Hisaki and her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Abilities: Because of their ties with the Aburame clan the Suzumebachi are insect users as well. From the very second of a Suzumbachi's birth they become a host to a colony of insects which lives and grows with them until the Suzumebachi dies. Up to millions of insects can inhabit a single member of this clan's body and the Suzumbachi can utilize many jutsus in conjunction with their insects making them a force to be reckoned with. Also thanks to the feud between the Aburame and the Suzumebachi, the Suzumebachi have made two powerful breakthroughs with their insects, the first following into the category of summons.

Scrolless Summons:By forming pacts with large insect summon spirits and allowing the much smaller insects that live within them to devour the Summoning scrolls the Suzumebachi have created a way to use the very insects within their body as portals to call upon their impressive summons.

The Konchuu Manako: This is the Suzumebachi's powerful doujutsu. 20% of the Suzumebachi's had this ability which first develops the first time a carrier is put in a time of dire stress. Once activated the Suzumebachi's eyes change to reflect that of insects, granting them compound vision and strengthening the link the ninjas have with their insects. As long as this doujutsu is activated the user can share vision with their insects, allowing them to be expert trackers, scouts, and even assassins and to further their impressive talents already the compound vision increases the user's perception rather drastically. As long as they possess the reaction speed and chakra amount the user can pick up on the slightest changes in an opponent's muscles and react accordingly to them, meaning most forms of Taijutsu would be rendered next to useless by a practiced holder of this KG. Like most KGs however this one carries a cost as well, for as long as the doujutsu is activated the user's chakra steadily is sapped. In battle a Suzumebachi like Hisaki(who has a very massive chakra well) can only hold this doujtsu for up to 7 posts, where as outside of battle the limit is doubled to 14 and once the limit is up the doujtsu automatically turns off leaving the user lightheaded and slightly weak from chakra loss.
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The Suzumebachi Clan
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