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 Kazuma's jutsu

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PostSubject: Kazuma's jutsu   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:26 pm

Name: Blood Fusion
Type: Nin
Element: Multiple
Rank: A
Description: By using his own blood or Blood Sludge he can fuse it with nearly anything and control it with the blood. Small amounts of blood control large portions of whatever it connects to. The blood spreads out quickly.

Name: Blood Infusion
Type: Tai
Element: N/A
Rank: B
Description: This uses chakra to create more blood in the body at a fast rate, but uses chakra as well.

Name: Cellular Regeneration
Type: Tai
Element: N/a
Rank: S
Description: They use chakra to heal the cells and repair the body individually at a very fast rate. Uses chakra fast and can be interrupted. This depletes a massive amount of chakra. Within a week he can regrow a limb. If vital organs are destroyed, he is dead, and cannot regenerate.

Name: Self Mutilation Technique
Type: Tai
Element: Blood
Rank: B
Description: His skin is hardened with chakra through this technique, and it stiffens. Cracks open up along his wrists that open and close at will. They are connected to his arteries and veins. Each artery and vein has a separate tube connected to the cracks, but with valves that open and close at Kazumas will to prevent blood from freely leaving his body. To coutner his own corrosive blood, his skin and arteries are synthetic.
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Kazuma's jutsu
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