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 Hisaki and Riko's Lesser Summons

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PostSubject: Hisaki and Riko's Lesser Summons   Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:02 pm

Just for organization purposes.

Hisaki's Summons

Jutsu Name: Summoning Jutsu Great Hornet
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Earth
Description: Releasing a number of her insects from her body Hisaki claps her hands together and slams them onto the ground, causing the insects to activate the summoning scroll their ancestors devoured and form into the shape of a large man sized hornet. Possessing 4 wings and six needle covered legs and a large several foot long black stinger this creature is very powerful. Able to fly at quick speeds the Great Hornet can fire off globs of burning poison from its stinger, as well as fire off swarms of small hornets. Anything hit by the poison or stung by the stinger find their bodies momentarily lock up as the intense pain of the initial effect takes over. Their body's feel as if acid is literal in their veins causing them to be hyper sensitive to physical contact(and even more so to further pain) and the intensity of the pain is more than enough to hinder concentration to the point that plans can't be followed. The effect lasts for 5 posts.

Lesser Summoning: Mosquito Queen
Type: Elemental Ninjutsu
Element: Water
Description: Utilizing her insects special ability to activate the summoning scrolls their ancestors devoured Hisaki claps her hands together and slams them on the ground. At once a group of her insects form together and take on the form of a large vehicle sized mosquito. Complete with six wings and a large barbed covered needle this summon is very fast, able to outspeed the Greater Hornet Summon rather easily. It can attack via its needle however its preferred method of combat is releasing a swarm of biting flies and mosquitoes from its body. The smaller insects don't do much damage(just normal insect bites) however anything bitten by them will feel a nasty effect within two posts. Within the biting insects lies a type of parasitic worm and the moment the worm is within a host it will immediately find its way to the host's brain stem and attach itself. Once attached the creature begins to disrupt the host's chakra flow, creating a very painful genjutsu effect which will be explained below for organizational reasons.
Genjutsu Effect: The genjutsu causes the opponent to lose sight and sound of the battlefield, as if they are swallowed up by complete darkness. Within seconds their body will erupt in a stinging pain and the sound of buzzing insects will fill the host's ears. They will then see that the darkness is not actually darkness but the mass of a a thousand + insects, all of which are seemingly biting and stinging the opponent. This effect keeps up until either the blow happen.
Genjutsu Cures: This isn't a normal genjutsu so the standard practices do not effect it. However there are three methods avalible for those infected by this parasite. The easiest of which is to use an opposing element to kill the parasite, meaning harming yourself with a jutsu and filling your body with said chakra, this kills the parasite instantly. The next method is to have a medical ninja available, a standard check can reveal the insect's location and it can be removed via surgery or jutsu. The final method is the most unbearable, the genjutsu effect only lasts 3 posts before the host's body develops a temporary immunity to the effect, however within an hour the effect will kick back up. This grants the host a chance to either find a medical ninja or someone who holds the opposing element.
Other notes: When someone is infected by a parasite for three posts(as long as they are under the genjutsu effect) Hisaki's insects will not target the host. This is because for that time only they see the host as a fellow insect.

Riko's Summons

Pending Summons

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PostSubject: Re: Hisaki and Riko's Lesser Summons   Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:21 pm


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Hisaki and Riko's Lesser Summons
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