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 The Excelling Uchiha, Magumo Uchiha

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PostSubject: The Excelling Uchiha, Magumo Uchiha   Fri Aug 29, 2008 4:17 pm

Name: Magumo Uchiha

Age: 13

Rank: Genin

Village: Leaf

Affinity: Fire

Type: Ninjutsu

Clan: Uchiha

Personality: Very determined, but at the same time very mean and harsh, he tells the truth when it is not wanted to be heard. He is a realist and knows his power and knows that he is stronger than most, he is cocky!

Appearence: wears a white jacket over his black clothes(like a captain of Bleach)

Backround: A very strong willed and talented Uchiha member that finished the academy in half the time. His power and strength are far above regular uchihas, he was able to master his sharingan at a very young age, he has not got the mangekyo sharingan yet. He specializes in fire jutsu and has the ability to control lava, with this power he hopes to pass the exams, the reason he did not take them earlier is for the fact that he did not fill he is ready until he fully controlled his lava jutsus. He is on the team with Chihiro and Zakean, they are about to take the exams.

Nin: 3
Gen: 1
Tai: 1
Intelligence: 2
Speed: 2
Force: 0
Chkra amount: 2
chkra control: 2
seal speed: 1
seal knowledge: 1
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The Excelling Uchiha, Magumo Uchiha
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