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 Holland Rhodes

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PostSubject: Holland Rhodes   Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:24 pm

Name: Holland Rhodes

Age: 28

Rank: Kage Assistant of Tsuchigakure

Village: Rock village

Affinity: Earth

Type: Nin

Specialized: Defense/Fuuinjutsu

Clan: N/A

Physical description: Holland is about five feet and eleven inches, with a hair length that is in between long and short, and wavy hair. It is brown and stretches down to about the middle of his eyes, and the back of his neck. He is not very strong or muscular, but is skinny. He isnít the fastest or the most powerful, but he excels in other areas His eyes are a dark hazel color, with tan skin. He wears black, loose fitting pants that are tucked into his socks to avoid tripping during battle. His black, sleeveless shirt opens like a large V in the collar to reveal his white undershirt. He wears the standard tsuchigakure headband.

Personality: Holland is happy-go-lucky, and very joyful. Although he keeps a serious attitude when needed with the Tsuchikage, he loves to have fun and joke. The only time he is dead serious is when tsuchigakure or the tsuchikage is in trouble, then, he switches to his serious attitude in which he will willingly put his life on the line.

Likes: Taking breaks from helping the Tsuchikage, getting his work done, but he also lieks helping the Tsuchikage, so he will most likely take on more work than needed for him. However, he completes tasks with haste, which is good and bad.

Hates: Stuck-up or snobbish people, narcicists, and people who act like they are better than everyone else. He also dislikes other villages thinking they are better than Tsuchigakure or the Tsuchikage.

Background: Born in Tsuchigakure, Holland grew up doing poorly in the academy. He was never the fastest or the strongest, and couldnít win many fights, so he clung to the stronger types. As his abilities grew, he became part of the anbu as a defensive ninja. He also became a fuuinjutsu master, which after proving himself to Tsuchigakure, he became the Tsuchikageís assistant.

Name: Jishintai
Type: Gauntlet/Blades
Classification: Gauntlets with hidden blades
Description: The gauntlets are made of a brown corundum which is very hard, and can block most blade strikes. The gauntlets cover the forearms and hands, but not the fingers. Two-foot long double-edged blades can shoot out of the exterior side of the forearm part of the gauntlet. On the interior side of the gauntlets, directly under the palms, are compartments that store explosive kunai in one gauntlet, and senbon with a potent neurotoxin which spreads rather quickly. The kunai/senbon fire quickly at his will. The neurotoxin numbs the nerves so they cannot move the limb once hit, and after about five to ten minutes, they canít move the rest of their body. The toxin wears off half an hour after the toxinís full effect is active. The toxin doesnít cause death, just an immobile state.
Ability: He can channel chakra through the gauntlets/blades. No other abilities

Nin: 5
Tai: 1
Gen: 0
Intelligence: 3
Speed: 2
Power: 1
Chakra amount: 5
Chakra control: 5
Seal speed: 4
Jutsu/Seal knowledge: 4
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PostSubject: Re: Holland Rhodes   Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:36 pm

...i thought we went over this have a tai of 1. you shouldn't be using any kind of close combat weapon...

and a body guard should be good at taijutsu, btw. doesn't need to be, but generally are...

so you might want to change the stats around a bit...

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PostSubject: Re: Holland Rhodes   Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:22 am

Ummmm.... Just how gigantic are these gauntlets? Two foot blades and compartments that hold senbon and kunai? By the sound of it, you shouldn't be firing anything "quickly", because you'd only have one or two... >_>

And, yeah... Taijutsu might be a good thing for you. XD

Other than that, he's a pretty good character! ^_^ I likes him! Change your stats and the gauntlets (or explain how they work), and you'll have my approval! ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Holland Rhodes   

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Holland Rhodes
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