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 Bolexle Sainen

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PostSubject: Bolexle Sainen   Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:41 pm

Name: Bolexle Sainen

Age: 34

Rank: Ronin

Village: N/A

Affinity: N/A

Type: Ninjustsu

Specialized: Movement of a chakra charged substance (ex. Gaara)

Clan: N/A

Physical description:

Bolexle has the appearance of a young boy of about 12, while he is actually over 30. He has the young features of a boy, the small childlike face, the diminutive height, and the smooth unscarred skin. His eyes are full of youthful exuberance and his smile is one of an innocent child who has not been damaged by the reality which is life.

Bolexle stands at 5’4” and weighs about 140 pounds. He is muscular, but not ripped, and looks to be in good shape. His skin is fair, if a little pale, and he has no defining features on his skin, such as tattoos or piercings. His face is small and cherubic like a young child’s, and has no pimples or blemishes. His mouth and nose are also fairly small, and there is no facial hair obstructing the view. His eyes are a bright grey, and seem to have small lines of black trailing through them. His hair is an extremely light blonde, almost white, and is cut to about 6 inches and left loose. It always seems to hang well off his head, and has never required much taking care of as it is very thin and straight.

He wears a set of extremely old clothes that he rarely takes off. They do not fit with the period, and have no defining marks that would show his alliance to one of the hidden villages. His clothes look as if they would have been worn thousands of years ago, and look to be designed for fighting.

They top consists of two parts, the undershirt and the jerkin. The undershirt is a pale beige t-shirt that looks to have been hand sewed with rudimentary tools. It has a collar that is pooped up and is lined with a darker brown fabric. The jerkin that is worn over top of the shirt is made of a red coloured leather and is wrapped around the lower torso and held up by two brown leather straps that go over the shoulders. The jerkin is completely lined by brown leather. Bolexle also wears an old fashioned belt that is a piece of wide leather a smaller piece of leather that tightens the belt. It also has a separate strap that looks like it was designed to hold a sword sheath, but there is no sheath attached to it.

His pants look like they are made of a slightly thicker fabric that the shirt, and are the same colour. They go down to his ankles, but are covered by his leather boots. These boots are very high and come up to about 6 inches under the knee for protection. They are made of thick dark brown leather that is covered by a beige and orange coloured cloth. They are tied closed up the leg and fit snugly over his feet.
Personality: Bolexle is your standard 12 year old boy, and acts as such. He is hyperactive, outgoing, jumpy and constantly excited. He tells stupid jokes, goofs around, and generally annoys most adults. This is all just a front however, as he has the mind of a 34 year old, having lived that long. He rarely shows his true age however, because people generally overreact when they find out. When he does, he is much more serious, and sounds much older, although his voice is still one of a young child. It is actually kind of creepy when he speaks like an adult, as most people are not used to someone so young having so much knowledge and wisdom.

When fighting, Bolexle will usually forget about his facade and act his age, unless the person he is fighting is significantly weaker. He stops acting young because he needs to focus fully on his fighting, and his powers require a lot of concentration.

Bolexle really enjoys women, but his diminutive stature and young body normally stops him from being with someone that is his intellectual equal. He stopped being attracted to young girls long ago, and prefers to romance older women. This is normally seen as odd, for most do not know his true age, so all they see is a preteen boy hitting on someone that is old enough to be his mother.

Likes: books, food, good stories, music, interesting gadgets, older women, Suigin, training, practice fights with friends.

Hates: questions about his past, young people, being bored, working for anyone, actual fights.

Background: To be announced

Weapon: Name: Suigin (Mercury)

Type: The weapon is an amorphous blob of a mercury like substance with eyes that is a living animal. When it is being controlled by the user it can be melded into any shape the user desires, but normally it just floats around in its blob form.

Description: Flying silver goo that has a face and eyes. It floats around and usually leaves a small trail of silver bubbles behind its body that follow it. When not being controlled by the user, it can change its own shape to mimic the things it sees around it, like becoming a miniature person, or a small sign. It cannot speak but can make small purring noises. It is also able to speak telekinetically with its user.

When it becomes a blade, it is usually a simple katana, but can be any other weapon if the user chooses so. The blades are always made of all metal, even the grip, and are the same color as the blob, including the black swirls that go through the metal.

Ability: Can be manipulated by focusing chakra into it. (Similar to Gaara’s sand) It can be transformed into any shape and size, larger sizes taking more chakra, and whatever it turns into is made of metal. When transformed into something small, like a sword, you do not need to concentrate on the flow of chakra as long as you are touching it. When transformed into something larger, like a small building, you must keep constant contact and concentrate fully on the structure. Things in between should be gauged appropriately.

When used properly, Suigin can be used as both a close ranged weapon and a long ranged weapon. For instance, making shuriken out of him is simple, and throwing them is not too challenging, as they are very small. They can also be controlled in midair, though this takes more concentration. Using it close ranged is easy; simply create the weapon of your choosing. A great tactic is to cross guards with the sword and then fire shuriken at your opponent past the sword from close range.

If you are properly trained in Suigen’s use, you may control the particles of metal themselves. You are then able to heat up the metal or cool it down by speeding up or slowing down the movement of the particles. This takes much more concentration, but can be perfected with some training. Once perfected, or can attack with molten metal or balls of ice.

Nin: 5
Tai: 4
Gen: 0
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 2
Power: 4
Chakra amount: 4
Chakra control: 4
Seal speed: 3
Jutsu/Seal knowledge: 0
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PostSubject: Re: Bolexle Sainen   Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:35 pm

alright, well, first of all, how does he look like a kid even though he's 34?

and you've got a lot of text...bolding the different fields would be helpful. thanks.

and you need to limit your mercury thing. turning a little blob into a building? i just don't see it happening.

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PostSubject: Re: Bolexle Sainen   Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:17 am

Uhh... First off, I'd like to welcome you to SQ, Bol. ^_^ Great to see you here!

Um... Sorry, but no... I don't think you're character will pass like this... >_>

Umm... >_> I'm going to sound like a total bitch for a minute. I'm sorry, but as an admin, I can't give friends special treatment- Please don't judge me for it...

1) Movement of any chakra charged substance? Uh-uh... No... That's way too broad. We have Kekkei Genkais and S-Ranked techniques for things much more specific than that.

2) The Sword of Ultimate Intangibility must go. >_< The fact that it can change into any weapon is really too uber by itself, but the fact that it can change into multiple weapons or a small building is simply out of the question. If this is ever going to pass, you'd have to make it that it was always the same amount of mercury- Like if you fired a shuriken from it, you'd have a pretty decent-sized chunk missing from your sword.

And no shooting things while locking blades with an opponent. That's just cheap. >_>

3) I don't get the kid thing, either... Either that's physically impossible, or you should have died in your mid 20s... <_<

4) Ronin? Ooookaaaay... Could you at least put what village he's from?

Eheheheheheh... Again, I'm sorry... >_____>
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PostSubject: Re: Bolexle Sainen   

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Bolexle Sainen
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