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 Kuragari Clan

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PostSubject: Kuragari Clan   Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:13 pm

Name: Kuragari
Members: Okaru
Location: Hidden Grass Village
Background: The Kuragari clan goes back to the beginning of the Grass Village, and were the basis of the early ANBU black ops. Their kekkei genkai made them perfectly suited for recon and assassination, and they soon earned a reputation throughout the continent. Not only were they used in stealth operations, but they were generally masters of taijutsu, as one member could take on multiple other ninja simultaneously.

However, not long ago, the clan was almost wiped out during a battle, where they had been taken off guard by long ranged jutsu. They succeeded in winning the battle, but the clan lost many strong ninja, and the Kuragari clan faded for some time. However, in recent years, they have come back up, and are still getting stronger.

Skills: Reimanako

The kekkei genkai of the Kuragari clan, it means "Ghost Eye", which is drawn from the clans abnormal purple eyes. The darker purple the eyes, the stronger the kekkei genkai in the individual.

The Yuromanako bloodline trait converts the bodies skin cells, letting them absorb all light, and reflect none. This turns the body into a seeming silhouette, the only color remaining the eyes, which glow a deep purple. This is why they succeeded so well as recon troops or assasains, they are almost impossible to locate by the naked eye at night, even more so when stealth tactics are used.


Jutsus: Name: Shadow Limb Tech.
Type: nin, though used as taijutsu
Element: shadow
Rank: C
Description: The main jutsu of the Kuragari clan, this can only be used while the Yuromanako is activated. Limbs seemingly made from shadow extend from any part of the body, and can be used just like regular arms, the only difference being that they are not made of flesh. They are still solid, but they can be cut through with a powerful sword stroke. However, the limbs bear no nerves, so no pain is felt when they are cut off. The limbs can be fashioned into hands or spears, and can stretch out over a decent distance, though the longer the arm, the slower and harder to use. Depending on the strength of the user, different numbers of arms can be used at once. Okaru has perfected a 10 arm fighting style, though he can summon more arms than that at a time, he can't fight so well with them. Each arm costs relatively little chakra, so they can be restored often soon after being cut down. This jutsu is what led them to become renowned for their taijutsu.

More jutsu that Okaru has developed can be found in the jutsu section under Okaru.

Mako Yamiha - Mizukage, Sannin, and Legendary Swordsman
Okaru Kuragari - Ronin, Jinchuuriki, and Soldier of Fortune
Rokku Hisora - Drunk, Short, and Tank of the Akatsuki
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Kuragari Clan
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