ShinobiQuest II History Repeats Itself
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 In a Temple not too far off...

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PostSubject: In a Temple not too far off...   Fri Aug 29, 2008 7:28 pm

Diavolo, the brother of the Hokage, stands face to face with the head guard of a important temple...

Diavolo: Fighting is not neccessary, if you just give me the artifact now, nobody will get hurt...

Anbu: I'll hurt you!

Diavolo: Very well, do your worst

Anbu: *runs at incredible speed and stabs Diavolo through the chest* Your weak *Diavolo spits out blood*

Diavolo: Please dont underestimate me *Diavolo's body turns into demon crawlers and they lach on to the anbu and explode* I didn't want to do that...*standing a meter away unharmed*

Anbu: *the smoke clears and his body is badly injured* You say that like im dead *water and wind starts to revolve around his sword* Take my hurricane blade *runs at him again with more speed*

Diavolo: Can you just take defeat, I am stronger than you and there is no use in fighting me...

Anbu: Shut up!!!!

Diavolo: Then this battle is over then *the anbu stops in his tracks and blood is gushed out everywhere* White Sword Jutsu *5 white swords are stabbed into his body* It's unfortunate this had to happen *teleports away and teleports back where the anbu is with a NEW sword* Thank you for the sword *uses a new technique called white water jutsu to heal him, water surrounds his body and starts healing his wounds*

Anbu: Why are you doing this?

Diavolo: *the white swords dissapear and the anbu is almost fully healed* It was not my mission to come here and kill you, I got what I wanted and it is time for me to leave *starts walking away*

Anbu: (Fool, nobody beats me and turns there back on me, especially with my clan's sword) *Throws a kunai at him*

Diavolo: I see how I get repaid for my kindness *dodges the kunai easily and is now inches away from anbu* You have decided your fate *his sharingan eyes glow blue* Imoykust *the anbu is put into a sharingan jutsu for 144 hours of pain and punishment*

Anbu: *his body is red and the moon is black and white* Where am I?

Diavolo: In my hell, this is my punishment for taking my kindess for weakness *the anbu gets stabbed a million times in one sec in the Imoykust world* That was one sec, we still have 143 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds left to go, next time think before you act recklessly *stabs him for the rest of the hours*

Anbu: *after two seconds in the real world, the anbu comes back* ahh *falls straight to the ground and is put in a coma*

Diavolo: Next time, dont be a fool *walks away and puts up his new sword* (This sword will help me alot, the ying-yang sword, with mastery of light and dark chakras, I will be the most powerful in the world)

Hokage of the Leaf Village
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In a Temple not too far off...
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