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 Kaibutsu Clan

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PostSubject: Kaibutsu Clan   Mon Sep 07, 2009 5:41 pm

Name: Kaibutsu Clan

Members: Daisuke Kaibutsu

Location: Hidden Leaf village

Background: The Kaibutsu clan was once a thriving clan in the hidden rock village. However, one day a fierce storm came through and it rained for several days, a true torrential downpour. At the end of the storm everything was so wet that the mud pools on the hill over looking the clans area, had grown monstrous and created a land slide which flowed through the streets burying everyone in its path. In an ironic twist of fate the once great mud manipulators were killed by there mud. All except four died that day, a family who had moved to the leaf village, a family which had the great Kaibutsu.

The Kaibutsu clan can carry a good amount of mud in their bloodstream. When needed for battle the mud exits through pores in their body and can be absorbed back in. This is extremely useful because without mud a member in the Kaibutsu clan would be useless.

Kaibutsu means "monster" and they are called this not because they are bad people but because when the mud exits their bodies it isn't exactly the greatest sight. Imagine getting ready to attack someone when mud starts to come out of their eyes and mouth what would you call them?
Jutsus: Don't know yet...

Skills: kekkei genkai: Mud manipulation
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Kaibutsu Clan
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