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 Nonia clan

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PostSubject: Nonia clan   Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:33 pm

Noina Clan

Members: Yuuki Nonia

Location: This clan is located somewhere in the sand country, no one knows for sure.

Background: The history of this clan can be heard through out all of the sand country's wars. The Nonia clan was specialized in bending the light around them like a protective cloak to hide them from the foe, till the last moment. At the last moment, they'd spring out, people would say it was an angel that attacked. The clan's members had exotic striking beauty that would engrave it's self in one's mind before death.

The clan was one of the strongest through out the whole country. They could take what they pleased, yet they'd return what they took, plus more. The clan was always noble with their aspects, giving and returning was something they did often. People in the sand country feared the clan saying they were a breed of their own, coming down right from the gods.

Everything about the clans is dipped in horror stories, hate, passion, life, and death. Each clan member resembled something different, each aspect of emotions ranged through out the clan. It's said that these people are the spirits of the desert... That was till another war came by, and most of them died. Less and less of their clan members were seen. The light benders, and desert gods seemed to vanish. People seemed upset, but the family was more ruined, only ten out of fifty people had survived.

The clan stayed to themselves, working with the kage giving one of their clan members up to each sand kage to be trained. The clan would only bow their heads to their leader. After many years of having this noble family work for the kage, one of the kage assistants went on a bloody rampage. Something had snapped in the boys mind, sending him on a bloody rage. Seeing as how he could easily kill other people, a woman of great beauty seemed to appear from thin air...

Easily stopping the boy and killing him, the woman seemed to vanish again. After this, no trace of the family was ever found again. But people know they're one of the richest and strongest, they speak of this clan in pride, and horror.

Jutsus: *Will be added in later.*

Skills: The clan's skill is to manipulate the sunlight around them, using the raw energy from the blinding rays of sun, allowed them to make a wave of pure energy. The wave of energy would be strong enough to hide the person's presence, making them 'vanish' from view. The camouflage would allow them to move freely while appearing to of vanished from the users view. Depending on the amount of sunlight, and where they were it could control their power. Many members of this clan were noted to absorb the sunlight around them for night use.

The sunlight would also came a good blinding movement, being able to make items vanish, like blades on a sword or the sword in general would be hard for the foe. Although, there are down sides to this. If they'd don't store enough power during the day their power is weaker. Where as during the daylight they are powerful.
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Nonia clan
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