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 Kage & Sannin positions

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Kage & Sannin positions Empty
PostSubject: Kage & Sannin positions   Kage & Sannin positions EmptySat Aug 30, 2008 7:49 am

The 3 Sannin will be of three different villages; Leaf, Mist, and Sand.

Sannin of Leaf: Rioichi Hyuuga.
Sannin of Mist: (Possible choice)
Sannin of Sand: Kuroi Purazuma

Hokage: Lumiero Mezclado
Mizukage: Mako Yamiha
Kazekage: Isai
Tsuchikage: None
Raikage: None.
Otokage: None.

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Kage & Sannin positions
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