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 Yuumi Nonia

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PostSubject: Yuumi Nonia   Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:02 pm

Name: Yuumi Nonia

Age: Sixteen

Rank: Sand kage assisstant.

Village: Sand

Affinity: Fire and wind

Type: Tai and nin

Specialized: Yuumi trained from the sword master Rana, and pushed herself to met the requirements, and now is becoming a master of swordsmanship under her mentor. But a trait that she herself is known widely for and people do not approach her for, is being able to assassinate anyone in plain day light and get away with it.

Clan: Nonia

Physical description: Yuumi has pale skin, which seems untouched by the sun around her most people are darker skinned. She tends to stand out among those around her, although she generally does anyways. She has long silvery hair that falls to her waist, its straight as a pin, and when in moonlight looks pure white. Her eyes are aquamarine, and hold a questioning look to them all the time. She seems to be very untrusting to those she does not know and her eyes mirror this. She has a smallish bust size, and her right arm is a puppet arm. The puppet arm is covered in fake arm and appears to be a real arm. She has a slim body fit for fighting, although she almost always keeps her body covered up. She generally even keeps her face covered in a mask, she hates showing herself to anyone. Her anbu mask is that of a jackal, with red line around the eyes.

The colour of hers is white, and no stars.

Personality: Yuumi is a very calm person, although coming from her clan she shows the aspect of being shy. Yuumi can be easy to fluster if you try to fluster her although, she may not be very happy with you. Being a Nonia she has a good judgment of what is right and wrong, and will never drop under the pressure of those around her. She will argue with someone if she finds they've done "something wrong, since she is greatly against violence. Violence of any kind tends to make her very quite. Although when she gets involved in the violent act she is not afraid to kill what ever is around her. Although she will refrain from killing since she had heard many people of her clan die from the strain of their powers. Since the sunlight is where she always feels the safest, she tends to be in a very good mood in the suns gentle rays. Although when she is in the moonlight, she seems very unhappy and will generally take the extra precaution of having a weapon on her at all times.

Likes: Yuumi likes the sunlight, and will be seen basking in the sunlight much like a cat does. Although she also loves rich foods, she refuses to touch too much of it since its fattening, and not good for ones health. Yuumi can always be seen drawing a picture on her free time, since she likes to capture the moments, before they escape from your grasp. Also her favorite season is fall, which is when she likes to visit the leaf country, to see all the beautiful leaves change in shades.

Hates: Yuumi dislikes the night, since she is at a great disadvantage. Not wanting to be caught off gaurd, the girl rarely wanders around at this time. She is against violence and hates when she has to hurt another person, but what must be done, has to be done.

Background: Yuumi was born on Hallow's eve, meaning devils night. Their clan took this as an ill omen, and thus treated their princess of the clan like an omen. Being told she would never get anywhere in life all the time the girl would fall under their scorn. One night one of the members of her clan, a young man decided to sweep the young child from her feet. Literally taking the child away from the clan's hurtful words and scorn. He left her on the door step of a very respected swordsmen, and hoped the dreams and fortune would one day come to Yuumi.

This was when she met Rana, at the age of seven Yuumi got taken in by the young teenager. Living with Rana and Kai Uzuki was new to the young child. She did all the tasks asked for her, and even put into the academy by Kai Uzuki. She worked her hardest to gain skills in the school, but being so shy, she always wanted to run back to Rana and Kai. Rana was like the mother that Yummi never had and she loved her.

Going through her life, she strived to help her mother figure and be the best she could for her. She did end up passing with the highest marks in her classes. If she was going to pass she'd pass to make her guardians happy of her. Rana had been with Yuumi, helping her through her school years. Rana also knew which clan the beautiful girl was, and helped the girl hone her skills with her clans special ability.

Becoming a genin the girl was assigned to her role model, Rana. She was also teamed with two other ones, but she didn't keep too close to them. The girl was usually shy around her other members although she was always protective of them ans would go out of her way to be useful. The group became invovled in assignment that lead to a war between sand and another neighboring country. Kai died early in the war and Yuumi lost her arm. One of the genin on their team died. Weeks later she visited a puppet master and got an arm made for her, and promoted to a chunnin. Six months with the war ended she became a jonin and then now in the future she is Rana's assistant.

She often works closely with the anbu.

Weapon Name: katana
Type: Sword
Classification: Katana
Description: The swords blade is a light silver like most katana blades. Its weighted perfectly, meant for the young girl to use. The weapon was made by a talented blacksmith, he specially decorated the handle for her. The handle has the head of a jackal, and shows a swirling wind going into the blade. The blade is sharp and she has a deadly accuracy with it.
Ability: Its a normal katana. >_>

Weapon Name: Elbow blade <<
Type: Blade
Classification: Elbow blade.
Description: The fake arm has a blade in the elbow which can easily slide out when the girl wants it to. The blade its self is pure black.
Ability: The blade can take chakra to add to how well it cuts through things, the can extend a few inches from the limb, and are super durable. She can make the blades go dull to avoid killing. Sometimes the blades may have poison on them, the poison weakens the foe allowing her to beat the foe with out killing them.

Weapon Name: Wrist blade.
Type: Blade
Classification: Wrist blade.
Description: The fake arm also has a hidden blade in the wrist. The blade comes out with the right twist of her arm.
Ability: The blade can take chakra to add to how well it cuts through things, the can extend a few inches from the limb, and are super durable. She can also make the blades go dull to avoid killing.

Nin: 9
Tai: 6
Gen: 3
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 8
Power: 4
Chakra amount: 6
Chakra control: 9
Seal: 4

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PostSubject: Re: Yuumi Nonia   Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:07 pm

Yay! Rana has her KA finally! ^_____^
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PostSubject: Re: Yuumi Nonia   Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:20 pm

nice, approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Yuumi Nonia   Fri Feb 19, 2010 1:09 pm

Edited Yuumi's stats.

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PostSubject: Re: Yuumi Nonia   

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Yuumi Nonia
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