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 Diavolo's History

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PostSubject: Diavolo's History   Sat Aug 30, 2008 8:47 am

Born from a clan in the Leaf Village named Mezclado. He and is twin brother were very peculiar at birth, Diavolo was born with a black TAIL and his brother Lumiero born with white WINGS. His clan looked at Lumiero as a blessing and child from the heavens and he was loved from it, Diavolo was the opposite and was treated as a curse. Diavolo as a young child wanted to be strong and help people to show that he was not a curse, so he mastered his clan’s rasengan technique early on and mixed his fire chakra with it. He soon starts creating other techniques like darkness control jutsu and learned many fire jutsus, but to his clan it was not looked upon as special, he even joined the anbu.

This enraged him tremendously not to be loved by his family just because he has a tail that resembled a demons and that his brother was now captain of anbu. His rage grew and decided that killing his brother and clan was the only way. But when he faced his brother he was defeated and a powerful genjutsu was cast upon him trapping him till he turned into a good person.

Diavolo, could not get out of the genjutsu, but many Madara saw the evil in him helped him cast away the genjutsu and gave him a limited amount of dark chakra to do their dirty deeds. He took that power and soon made Madara his pawn in his soon to be plan. With this new power he sworn to still kill his family and show them how much of a curse he can be!

His plan was to become more powerful and kill his clan, it included summoning many warriors from the past and uses them to destroy villages. After an all-out total war, Diavolo was victorious and got the MS sharingan from Madara, with the dark and light chakra's mixing at the arrival of his sharingan it became more powerful than it ever did than Madara's.

Over the three years, he dedicated his days to mastering his sharingan and all it's abilities, now he strives for a new way to get stronger, with the help of the elemental weapons!

Hokage of the Leaf Village
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Diavolo's History
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