ShinobiQuest II History Repeats Itself
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 The stone faces

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PostSubject: The stone faces   Fri Jan 29, 2010 10:32 pm

Atop one of the heads Rio sat with a wolf and looked down at the village. "So many lives. So many innocent lives." Rio thought to himself. Knowing he wanted to protect each of those lives. He took his mask off his belt and looked inside at the four stones inside. The birthstones of the family of his who died. Priceless as they may truly be he could never give these up for anything. "To protect them especially from the pain of losing someone dear to them. He took out the ring with the sapphire in it the birthstone of his sister. He put it back into the ANBU mask and placed it back on his belt. "If I could tell them what has happened since they died I would tell them everything and I would tell them about the chance that I may become clan leader. I don't know if it would be best as my branch is such a handlefull on it's own. Is there anyone I could trust to lead them for me? Maybe I shouldn't leave them I still have so much I need to do for them before I can leave that leader position. They won't last without me" Rio sat back and looked up at the sky that was filling with clouds. "Sonkei. It's hard to imagine you were able to control the branch and work as the Hokage at the same time. How did you keep your sanity? The branch can't move on from our past no matter how distant it is. From generations that have died out we have inherited guilt and pain but I don't want those to pass on through our descendants. I don't want them to ingerit the regret of these unforgettable sins yet they can't help but pass the sins on. Is there a way for me to wash these sin from our family?" Rio's wolf layed down on it's stomach next to him as Rio lied back as well. "Clouds to me represent calm. Since that is how I feel when I see them." He stayed motionless until they started to clear up and turned to the wolf. "Just like the great plains I hear you and Tsume live in. You say it's always cloudy there. I'd like to go there someday but there is so much keeping me here in the village. I may never get to go there for a very long time. Somewhere I can relax and find some inner peace. Something I can't do around anyone in the village." Villagers were walking towards the cliff. Two teenagers, they looked like a couple together. But as they got close enough to see the stone face Rio there was no trace of him having been there or of the wolf.

Rio "I will protect you from the pain of loss. To protect everyone from losing another I will die without hesitation. We live for each other more than for anything else."
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The stone faces
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