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 A Battle of the Past: Mako vs Enkou

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PostSubject: A Battle of the Past: Mako vs Enkou   Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:10 pm

8 Years ago...

Mako stood in the middle of a great field, wind whipping around him. As his cloak flapped back and forth across his back and legs, he scanned the field around him, searching for something. Not finding what he was looking for, he sighed, and pushed his fingers though his long brown hair. "Nothing's ever easy, is it?", he muttered, and took a step forward, grass crunching under his foot. Holding up his hand in protection against the sun, he continued his trek, looking back and forth, still searching for his quarry.

"Ah ha", he finally remarked. Up ahead was an ancient looking temple, lost and forgotten. It stood at the base of a cliff, nearly flush with the stone wall. What he sought was in there. was still so far away. Sighing, he looked towards the sky, before heading off once again.

Mako Yamiha - Mizukage, Sannin, and Legendary Swordsman
Okaru Kuragari - Ronin, Jinchuuriki, and Soldier of Fortune
Rokku Hisora - Drunk, Short, and Tank of the Akatsuki
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A Battle of the Past: Mako vs Enkou
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