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 Isai the Immaculate

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PostSubject: Isai the Immaculate   Sun Aug 31, 2008 2:46 pm

Name: Isai(had no name)

Age: 23

Rank: Kazekage

Village: sand

Affinity: fire/wind

Type: nin/tai

Specialized: assassin/ranger, and basic/pyro

Clan: ???

Physical description:

(on his left arm is a reenforced wooded arm that he made under the guidance of zetsumei)

Personality: can sometimes get cocky thinking he is better than his two masters, but is over all nice and caring, sometimes lets his feelings get in the way of decision making , isai has since become more tame, aand a very accomplished stratigist.

Likes: watching the sky at night on rooftops, and life

Hates: those who wish to harm people, and sand storms

Backround: not much is known about Isai, in fact he just recently got that name, kuroi found him about a year ago in an ally with only one arm and he was severly beat up. After itonami helped with his recovery kuroi was astounded at how well he was at learning ninjutsu. Isai continued to amase zetsumei when je could contorl a puppet with one arm after only practicing for 1 week. as of such kuroi named him and took him in and he is currently training under him to become the next kazekage. during this year in training zetsumei helped him make a new arm, and , with the permission of kuroi, made him a puppet out of one of the royals of the purazuma clan. Using this puppet kuroi taught isai the basics of his clan and amny other fire based techniques, but isai could also fight on his own using weapons and specilized in using two wakizashies at the same time. Isai also has a wide knowledge of weapons and uses many of them and he also has learned many jutsu's from zetsumei kuroi and itonami.
Since kuroi left teh village, Isai has done a lot to improve the village, possibly better than kuroi could have. Isai has since adopted zetsumei's two puppets, taiyou and getsuie and has become very good with them. Isai has learned almost every techinique of the purazuma family through his puppet.
Kuroi, the previous Kazekage, hasnt been heard from in so long, that the people have given up hoope of ever seeing him saying that some ill fortune must have befallen him.
The village gave isai the title of "Isai the Immaculate" for the greatness he has brought them. They say that there isnt anyone that can beat him, thus he is perfect. Isai knows all to well that the one man that has beaten him, his master and friend, is still alive and out there.

He dissappeared with Kuroi, Who wants to be Kazekage?

Weapon: the name of the person is unown
Type: puppet(human)
Classification: purazuma royal
Description: his whole outer layer was replaced by heat resistant metal mixed with what remained of his flesh, because the body had started to decompose it doesnt live up to its full potential and cant do the better jutsu's of the clan but it is a froce to be reckoned with still, and Isai and kuroi have become great tag team partners with this puppet
Ability: use purazuma techniques

Weapon: no names
Type: swords
Classification: wakizashies
Description: two blades with black nearly indestructible metal
Ability: nothing specail just two wakizashies

Weapon: no name
Type: scroll
Classification: weapons scroll
Description: round cylinder shaped object
Ability: summon weapons(including simple puppets)

Tai: 5
Gen: 1
Intelligence: 5
Force: 2
Chkra amount:5
Chakra control: 2
Seal speed: 3
Seal knowledge: 2
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Isai the Immaculate
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