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 Sakura Tallin, The Tsuchikage.

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Sakura Tallin, The Tsuchikage. Empty
PostSubject: Sakura Tallin, The Tsuchikage.   Sakura Tallin, The Tsuchikage. EmptySat Apr 17, 2010 5:42 pm

Name: Sakura Tallinn

Age: 23

Rank: Kage. >_>

Village: Stone

Affinity: Earth and fire

Type: Nin

Specialized: Sakura specializes in ninjutsu. She is known for her assassination skills.

Clan: The Tallinn clan.

Physical description: Sakura stands at 5"5, her body form is beautiful and she has the hourglass figure. Her curves seem to slope into a thin waist, which has a spiral tattoo across it. The tattoo is black like normal tattoos. It curls from her left side the the other side of her torso in a gently curve. The tattoo is a network of beautiful lace work looking lines. She is a beautiful woman who looks wild to those around her. Along her face, around under her eye is another tattoo this one looks like a tribal mark.

The shade of red her hair is, is a bright crimson, but appears pale in the right light. The shade is not commonly found on people, and is beautiful when it is. Her hair takes a slight metallic look under the moonlight, it almost appears like she has very faint metallic streaking in her hair. Length wise, her hair would freely fall to her waist, in gentle entrancing waves.She likes to use clips to hold the hair from her face. The clips are made of a light durable metal, and are shaped like stars. Its more common to see Sakura tying her hair back with a piece of silver silk. She ties the silk ribbon in a bow generally although in battles she will just make it a tight knot. Sakura likes to let some hair to hang on either side of her face to frame her face. Then she has bangs that reach her chin, but she usually has them clipped to the side of her face.

Sakura's eyes are a deep rustic gold, much alike to what you would see a feline have. The gold is the same colour as an old gold coin would be, or the fading flames in a once roaring fire. They're the normal almond shape, that most people have. In her eyes you can always pick up a caring look that seems to lurk deep in her eyes. If you look carefully at her eyes, you can pick up two shades of gold in her eyes. The two shades swirl around the pupil almost in a ying yang like effect. The irises of her eyes are beautiful, and hold the gentle look. Her eye lashes frame her eyes fully, making them appear more striking, and gives her an almost mysterious look to them.

Personality: Sakura is not a cheerful person, she seems rather cold to all those around her, never showing a smile. She sees emotions as useless things that will hurt you in the end, so she keeps herself from becoming to attached to things. But even though she tends to seem like she is emotionless, Sakura is no where near that. Anger seems to thrive through her young body. She does not seem like an angry person, to those that know her she is ruthless and does not show mercy unless they are truly not worth killing.

Its said Sakura does not know what true emotion is, since when she was a child she was left by herself or isolated from others. So she soon became a lonely child who had nothing, and it remained that way for years. But slowly she altered into rarely showing emotion. Its seen that she is very protective of her country and her people. She will go out of her way to protect them despite not caring for them. Its more or less a a possessive trait. She is not rash, and will play things out.

Despite being cold, it seems like there is another person inside her when she meets someone much like herself. Although its very hard to have the woman open up to anyone. She will refuse to speak, and won't utter a word to anyone if she is hurt.

Likes: Snowcones, mountains, the sky.

Hates: Dark water where you can not see the depths, liars, those who believe emotions will allow you to grow into a better person.

Background: Sakura grew up in a small village in the stone country. She had been locked from other children expect when she was sent to the academy. By that point the damage had already been done, and the small girl was emotionless. She went through the academy like it was a breeze, she did not seem concerned at all for those around her. Which was good, since most of them were scared of her. She heard people whisper monster behind her back, but did not utter a single word against these people. No she would bid her time, and continue through her years of school. She passed her exam with flying colours.

She got placed in a squad with a female and a male. The female was named Nila, and the male was named Chizu. They seemed to accepted Sakura as she was, but could never get into the distant girls heart. Their team was one of the strongest among the others, and they worked well together. But one day their team got separated and attacked by a strange group of shinobi. The battles among the children and their sensei were violent. Sakura oddly out of everyone had killed the person who had attacked. She was found covered in the crimson life blood of a shinobi and was trying to control herself. They did not know what happened but the anger in Sakura's eyes were clear.

For the next few years she would be near impossible to stop in gaining power. She soon became a kage, nothing more to say.

Beast Aura's:

0- tailed beast aura: The form a bright golden chakra surrounds Sakura's body. The chakra gives off the feeling of power and danger. This is her most commonly used form, since the other ones seem to have her change slightly. Her eyes go from their brilliant green colour to a deep sapphire colour, they look much like feline eyes. In this state, her hearing is much better than normal, and so is her eye sight. She gets a burst of speed that will last 3-4 posts, that lets her attack with more strength and speed than she normally has. She is able to hold this form for a good couple posts depending on what she does while in this form. When Sakura lands a hit in this form it feels like you're being clawed from a tiger.

2- tailed beast aura: Sakura's is now covered in a burning chakra that seems to dance around her body like a raging fire. The golden hue is mixed with a bloody red. She doesn't have to hit a foe to make them feel the claws of a tiger ripping through their very body. The feeling is almost like being burned, but almost always seemed to give off a slight fear to those that get hit by the attack. She is unaffected by taijutsu since she can easily follow the movements of normal combat. Her speed and strength seem almost tripled compared to normal. She is able to preform regeneration on bones, but not vital organs. She can not replace something when its taken either. She is a creature that will not fear attack. The ground seems to crack under her feet as she walks. They leave prints even in the most solid stone. The prints are those of a tiger. Her eyes remain the same, and she is able to push her chakra out from her in an explosive shock wave like attack.

4- tailed beast aura: The chakra released from this alone is enough to make people sustain heavy damage. It can kill just by its presence. The chakra feels like a burning fire, which seems to surround people, in a suffocating cloud of death. Alone with out controlling the chakra it can wipe out a village within minutes. The pressure alone is The chakra around her takes the form of a wild looking tiger. The chakra is strong enough to slow a foe down like they're walking against a strong gale. It seems to pulse with life, and holds enough power into it to destroy someone in moments. This state has full regeneration, but there is time between when she can get attacked. In this time, it will seem like she is in an open state. In this state pain does not register in her mind till after she is done fighting. By releasing this state, she is near impossible to follow from plain eye sight. Her attack pattern seems to follow a tigers. Her strength is amazing, and a large feat for her. She is able to pulse the chakra that is around her out ward in a mighty explosion. Unlike the second's aura this one is more deadly, and she can use this attack twice before feeling exhaustion. She can only be in this state for a few posts or she'll start to lose control of herself, and the beast will take over.

Weapon: The Yumi (a bow)
Type: Ariel
Classification: A bow. >_>
Description: Its a light silver colour, the bow seems to be a meter in length. The arrows, are large in themselves. It looks like a fairly normal bow.
Ability: Can release arrows that hold chakra, and when they hit something they explode.


Nin: 10
Tai: 5
Gen: 3
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 10
Power: 7
Chakra amount:9
Chakra control: 9
Seal speed: 5
Seal knowledge: 4

I am a shinobi fear me! Or; hear me roar!
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Sakura Tallin, The Tsuchikage.
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