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 Raven summon

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PostSubject: Raven summon   Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:17 pm

Summon: Raven
Signed: Spes No'Tido (Deceased), bunch more family members....Hikato No'tido.
Contractor: Hikato No'Tido
History: This summon was passed through her clan, there was another on the white tiger, but since she ened up being the wind affinity she gained this summon. She was roughly ten years of age when she gained the summon, from which point she made the deal with it. The two of them are on good terms, this being one of the creatures that represent her clan...

Summon creature: Hizaku
Rank: A ranked summon.
Description: He is rather large, spanning at fifteen feet, although he is so large he looks rather elegant for a raven. His feathers are a glossy black, which reflect many colours on them under the sun's rays. His talons are very sharp, and black. Raven's have black feet after all. His eyes are a bright golden colours, and have an eerie feel to them if you look in his eyes.
Abilities: With Hizaku's large size he is very good with flight. Although he may be very large he is fast as the wind. (Bad pun.) Being able to shoot down needles of black energy from its wings when they glow.

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Raven summon
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