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 No'Tido Clan

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PostSubject: No'Tido Clan   Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:19 pm

Clans: No'Tido

Members: Hikato No'Tido

Location: The clan is located within the Mist village, being along the outskits of the town in a large house like area. The house is more like a mansion which used to hold the whole clan with it, there is a large field like expanse around it, which makes it the out skirts of the mist village. They're a very good clan when it comes to area, since their location is chosen to be seen as relaxing to any pateints there.

Background: The No'Tido clan was know for their history of being warriors and healers. The one's that had a wind affinity generally ended up being the healers, while the earth users were warriors. Together they had a very compact clan. They were known as a very close knit group rarely accepting outside amongest them selves. Their symbols were the raven for flight, and speed, and the tiger for strength and pride. In the past they were seen as the clan which would take no sides. They would help both sides in medically, but when it came to fighting they would not. For they refused to fight their own comrades. Then a few years ago, the clan got attacked during the middle of the moonless night. They were murdered, well most of the clan. Some of the people escaped after the slughtering they returned, to bury the dead. The killers took the lives of women, children and men alike. The few that escaped swore that they would destroy the other clan, and will. This clan is now bringing in new members to help their clan grow back to its prosperity.

S Rank
Medical Ninjutsu

After forming several hand signs, black threads rise up out of the Hikato's or someone else's shadow and stitch together every individual part of every injury she or the target has- including organs, muscle, and bones. The shadow thread then melds with the now-stitched-together injury, making it whole once more, as if it had never been harmed at all.

*Will add more.*

Skills: Medical jutsu's.

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No'Tido Clan
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