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 Jindou Hijuu

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PostSubject: Jindou Hijuu   Jindou Hijuu EmptyWed Apr 28, 2010 1:30 pm

Name: Jindou Hijuu

Age: 17

Rank: Akatsuki

Village: Ex-Rock

Affinity: Earth, Lightning 

Type: Ninjutsu 

Specialized: Hand-to-hand 

Clan: Hijuu

Physical description: 
Jindou Hijuu Mc_art2
identical to his brother Hatarou. Wears a standard Akatsuki shroud but underneath he wears a Navy blue shirt that goes to his shoulders and khaki cargo pants. Also on his head he wears a Maroon red headband.

Personality: He is very undisciplined and he Likes to play around, and he is very talkative. He is rarely serious and in battle he is very sadistic and likes to play with his enemy.  

Likes: Hot Food, Memories, Talking, Music 

Hates: The cold, Silence, 

Background: At a very young age he was kidnapped from home.  Once he was taken far from his village his kekkai genkai fully activated and he killed the kidnappers by crushing their skulls. Wandering through the land q Akatsuki member found him and ever since the organization has raised him.

Weapon: Name: One shot
Type: Sword
Classification: Katana
Description: Jindou Hijuu Sasuke_Kusanagi_Grass_Cutter_Naruto_Anime_Sword 
5 feet long
Ability: Can extend up to 5 more feet through his chakra.

Nin: 5 
Gen: 1
Tai: 7
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 7
Power: 7
Chakra amount: 7
Chakra control: 5
Seal speed: 7
Jutsu/Seal knowledge: 5[justify]
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Jindou Hijuu
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