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 The Grand Purazuma Clan

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PostSubject: The Grand Purazuma Clan   Sun Aug 31, 2008 3:03 pm

Clan Name: Purazuma clan

Members: Kuroi, kagai and Kashaku(and other not important characters)

Location: sand village

Backround: A very old clan in the sand village. while members of this known clan cant use genjutsu very well and can use ninjutsu moderatly well they exell in taijutsu do to having a kekai genkai baised on taijutsu.The purazuma clan was divede among affiliation. while most were fire affiliated, some were earth.since the kekai genkia is only able to be use by fire affiliated the fire's forced the earth affiliated people into slavery. Do to thier powerful jutsu the kazekage fear that the royal family might revolt. So in the middle of the night he hired some mercenaries to eliminate the clan. While it was thought the clan was eliminated quit a few survived. after that kazekage's death they came out of hiding and are now slowy trying to rebuiled their clan with the sole surviving royal blood member they have.who after recent events has risen to the rank of kazekage, giving many pieces of land to his clan and their rival clan, the faia clan, giving a closer bond between the two

Jutsus:i will just put these in the jutsu section seeing as there are so many.

Skills: the kekei genkei is a taijutsu based kekei genkei called kuro kubushi(black fire) the kekei genkei allows the user to envelope his hands into a black fire, although more advance levels of the kekei genkei have been revealed.the kekei genkei allows the user to manipulate fire in various ways and also allows warping

the kekei genkai has 4 known levels to it and they are

1st level-generally genin to chuunin-the users fist are on fire

2nd level- some chuunin mostley jounin- the users feet are on fire also

3rd level-rarley jounin and mostley anbu rank-the user's arms and legs are fully enveloped in flame and the feet and fists get a magma like substence around them

4th level- the only know users are kuroi and kashaku, the users whole body is enveloped in fire with a black chakra around it that allows them to manipulate the chakra and burn the opponent even when they are 10 feet away. the whole body of the user becomes a temperature of 2000 degrees, effectivly shortening the life span of the user(to point of death)

Physical Appearance: purazuma members have red eyes, and most commonly black or white hair
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The Grand Purazuma Clan
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