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 The Kazetariada Clan

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PostSubject: The Kazetariada Clan   Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:16 pm

Clan Name: Kazetariada

Members: Kanryu Kazetariada, various others

Location: Hidden Leaf Village

Blood-line limit: Can use the wind to increase there speed up to five times there original speed


The Kazetariada Clan is a clan that was founded 5 years after the creation of the Hidden Leaf Village, and became one of it's most prominent protectors. The Kazetariada protected the outlying lands of the Hidden leaf village and borders of the Land of Fire, they are mainly in charge of information gathering and carrying, as well as special support unites in battle. Everyone in the Kazetariada clan is born with the ability to use wind chakra jutsus, and can use them extremly well.


The Kazetariada Clan has a Kekki Genkai of speed, and can use the wind to increase their speeds up to a maximum of five times there usual speed. They can use this speed to increase the power of their regular attacks.


Senpudan (body whirlwind): The user of this jutsu whirls around while using their kekki genkai and uses their body as a weapon, smashing into their foe with extreme speed and rotation, causing major damage, especially if the user has a blade unsheathed.

Metarashi (eye of the storm): The user leaves his/her opponent alone and appears to leave, making the battle field calm, then the user starts randomly attacking his/hers opponent with ultra fast attacks, the opponent never sees it coming.
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The Kazetariada Clan
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