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 I can't break this place down

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PostSubject: I can't break this place down   Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:35 am

Odd of me, unable to just delete this place since it's dead. Part of me can't bear the thought, too much to remember from it. Yet the part of me that wanted to convert it to a collection of my stories and thoughts was persistent so I guess I'll just make this category seperate from somewhere else. I am site founder and I own the website so I don't see why I can't seeing that it is dead. I wonder if anyone will look into their emails and see a message from this place, maybe find this thread. Maybe I should just delete this place from the administrator control panel. Maybe someone will find it and read all this. But it's probably pretty boring so I doubt it.

What will I put on here? What will I leave here? Why leave it here at all though? Would be nice if someone read this. Would be nice if someone came along. I am starting to feel bad. Like I shouldn't do this. Like there is no point whatsoever to it. Like no one will find it or read it. Should I put this here or not? I'll do it just to settle these feelings I'm having.

Rio "I will protect you from the pain of loss. To protect everyone from losing another I will die without hesitation. We live for each other more than for anything else."
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PostSubject: Re: I can't break this place down   Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:53 am

Or we could reboot it. I really miss this place. Sad

I am a shinobi fear me! Or; hear me roar!
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I can't break this place down
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