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 Kugutsu Tatsujin Clan

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PostSubject: Kugutsu Tatsujin Clan   Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:26 pm

Kugutsu Tatsujin Clan

Members: Zetsumei

Location: Sand Village

Backround: A clan from the sand village that have lived there for hundreds of years; they had perfected the art of puppet mastery. The leader of which eventually went mad with power, ordering an attack on the kazekage. The loyal members of this clan followed him blindly, fed lies of hidious deeds done by the kage. Their attack failed. The kazekage now saw the entire clan as a threat to peace, and had the remaining members of the clan sought out and eliminated. Only one woman and her young child survived...


Ayatsuri Komori

The main kekai genkai of this clan is Ayatsuri Komori, or uppet's shadow. It creates two doubles of the users puppet. These clones are very durable, and last almost 5 times as long as a shadow clone.

Junsei Ayatsuri Komori

I at first meant this to be the original Ayatsuri Komori, but Tempest said no one liked it. Well, too bad for you people. Junsei Ayatsuri Komori makes a shadow (black and grey) double of the puppet. This puppet rises out of a shadow and is an exact copy of the puppet, only black and dark grey with green glowing eyes.

Anei Manako

Allows the user to gain a sort of second sight that allows them to see through the eyes of a puppet. They can still see normally at the same time. Don't ask, it's complicated.

Bikou Kumiai

With this the user can sink into a shadow and resurface from any other one. (I know there is a teleport limit now, but this came first.... or is there?) The user cannot use their own shadow, but can use Bikou Kumiai to teleport other people and objects to or away from his location.
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Kugutsu Tatsujin Clan
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