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 Hawk Summon

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PostSubject: Hawk Summon   Thu Sep 04, 2008 6:05 pm

Hawk Family

Current Scroll Holders: Zetsumei Kugutsu Tatsujin, Itonami

Signatures: Daraku (former head of clan- deceased), Neuriki (Zetsumei's mother- deceased), Zetsumei, Itonami

Alignment- Neutral

Element- Wind

Name- Sabure

Abilities- No different from a normal hawk. Can't talk.

Rank- D

Description- Sand Brown. The tail is mud brown. Black eyes.

Name- Kouu

Ability- Completely sheilded by lightweight armor. Has Steel talon blades. Can focus chakra into talons like a chakra blade.

Rank- B

Description- Jet black. Blood red tails and eyes. 6 feet tall. Tail 1 yard long. Wingspan of 12 feet. Very strong. Armor is intricate, fitted to each individual feather on wings to make flight easier. Armor is black with silver trim. Helmet has 1/2 meter plumes. Not very talkative.

Name- Arashi Shukun- head of the family

Abilities- Has light armor. none on wings, tail, head, legs, or feet. Can use an advanced Wind scythe jutsu and is very intellegent. It's feathers are stronger than steel. His talons can cut through stone and metal. Can carry one adult passenger.

Rank- A

Description- White feathers, sky blue tail, eyes, and wing feathers. 11 feet tall. Tail 2 1/2 yds long. Wingspan of 22 ft. Armor is dark blue with gold trim. Bright gold beak. Has a type of saddle on the back.
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Hawk Summon
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