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 Tomoshibi Clan

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PostSubject: Tomoshibi Clan   Thu Sep 04, 2008 9:45 pm

Tomoshibi Clan

History: It seems this little known clan has existed on the edge of the Land of Winds since before it's feudalism... They have spent centuries perfecting the art of healing and regeneration. It is said that the masters of this clan can bring life from death and heal quickly enough to repair damage to the heart. Since the fuedalization of the Wind, the kage and fuedal lords have been asking the Tomoshibi to join their armies. When denied their loyalty in an effort for neutrality, the first Kazekage demanded the clan be wiped out, but it seemed they could simply not kill them. Even his finest ninja could not deal them lasting harm. When the Kazekage realized this, he sadly offered them peace. To this day, the Tomoshibi live in peace alone.

Kekkai Genkai:


One of the only kekkei genkai of the Tomoshibi, the Kikanme is an occular ninjutsu with five different levels. They allow the user to see a person's bone structure, muscle layers, organ systems, blood streams, and finally chakra network.

Jouten Saisei

At the cost of much chakra, this allows the body to regenerate at 30 times normal speed. This casues blue markings (similar to those in Primal [the video game for the PS2]) to twine around her body.
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Tomoshibi Clan
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