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 Kousetsu - Wandering Swordsman

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PostSubject: Kousetsu - Wandering Swordsman   Mon Sep 15, 2008 4:15 pm

Name- Kousetsu

Age- 26

Rank- Sannin

Village- None

Affinity- Ice

Type- Taijutsu/ Ninjutsu

Clan- Haku's clan

Weight- 213 lbs

Height- 6'6"

Theme Songs-
Wherever I May Roam - Metallica S&M
Indestructible - Disturbed

Personality- Always in a good mood; he has returned to his carefree lifestyle. Kind hearted, loyal yo his friend and allies. He always enjoys a good fight, and will accept any challenge.

Likes– Cold weather, fish(alive not cooked), worthy opponents, and his family. (he views Dokuro and Ebirai as sons, and Kashaku as his brother. He hopes to one day have a wife.)

Dislikes– There's not much Kousetsu doesn't like.

Ninjutsu: Dark Bog Jutsu, Dragon Flame Bomb Jutsu, all Water Jutsu and Ice Jutsu

Taijutsu: Master of 52 sword styles. Specializes in Kaosu-Ken two-handed style (Ranmyaku), Gurasu Kata one-handed style(Tohashi), and Suin-Hitsu Ookami twin-sword style (Shishen Hakkei and Shikon).

History- When he was a child his father taught him to be a blacksmith, and later died of tuberculosis. After his death, Kousetsu sold armor and swords that he made for a living, but his dream was to be a shinobi. He eventually went to the academy and became a genin, and when he was eighteen and became a jounin he started traveling around with his father's sword learning many different sword styles. He specialized in a one handed style from the grass village. In the snow village, he learned the Suin-Hitsu Ookami style of sword fighting.

In the village, he met a poor young wanderer named Dokuro Kaguya. Dokuro was about to rob an old woman, Kousetsu grabbed his arm and said,"Trust me. Once you do that, you will never be able to go back to a normal life. Earn it or ask. It's better to be a beggar than a thief." and gave him some money. When Kousetsu turned to walk away, Dokuro asked, "Who are you?". When he got no reply, he looked at Ranmyaku and asked,"Can you even fight with a sword like that? Are you a swordsman?" he added when he saw his other swords. At this, Kousetsu turned around and Dokuro begged him to train him in the ways of the sword. Kousetsu took in Dokuro as his apprentice. Dokuro from then on tailed Kousetsu like his shadow, unbeknown to most.

After this, he eventually, on his way to the sound village, met Koku, the leader of the akatsuki, who realized his talents and tricked him into joining the akatsuki by telling him lies about the kages, and so, concerned for the mist village, despite Dokuro's warnings, he willingly set his sights on the mizukage. He later learned of the akatsuki's evil and set out in search of the legendary sanbi, swearing eternal vengeance against Koku. However, in the midst of his search, Koku was defeated and killed.

Several years later, he left his friend Kashaku and, after that, succeeded in capturing the sanbi and sealed it within himself. He than founded the Crystal Village with the help of Kashaku and Dokuro- who has grown to be Kousetsu's greatest pupil. After several wars, Kousetsu grew bored of the Kage lifestyle, longing for the life of a wanderer once more. He announced soon afterward that he would be leaving relinquishing his title and leaving the village. Dokuro and his new student, Ebirai, left with him, intent on not leaving their master's side.

A while later, Dokuro left to join the Sand Village and Ebirai left without a reason, simply saying it was to "achieve his goals". Alone, Kousetsu wandered the Earth once more, intent on mastering his enormous amount of chakra. After weeks of vigorous training, he could walk around without his armor, and still not have visible chakra. After his training, a rumor got around that, somehow, Kashaku was back. However, he was hidden. So, Kousetsu went off once more in search of his old friend.

Appearance- Muscular, but not creepy or ARNOLD!!!!! muscular. Despite this, he is inhumanly strong. In order to enjoy his fights, he weighs himself down with about 4,480 pounds of armor and a 387 pound zanbato. His long, straight hair and beard(basically longer 5-o-clock shadow) are dark, almost navy blue. His eyes are light, light, creepy light blue. His face is ruggedly handsome, and he has an X-shaped scar under his left eye. (How original is that!)

Kousetsu wears heavy clothing: A white, robe-like long-sleeve shirt trimmed with gold and wolf fur, similar hakama, and white shinobi boots. His nodachi and katana are worn crossed on his back, due to a leather strap that wraps diagonally around his torso, and his wakizashi is hung at his waist with a similar belt. Over it all, he wears a long, wolf fur cloak.

Weapons- All of Kousetsu's weapons (except for Tohashi- though it was reforged by him.) were made by himself.

Ranmyaku- Zanbato (summoned by scroll- he was tired of accidentally destroying many, many things.)
Length: 18 feet
Width: 2 feet
Description: Designed to kill both the horse and the rider in one swing, zanbatos are extremely large. Their size and weight, however, deemed them incapable of effectively fighting infantry. As a weapon, it was more or less discarded. It was far too heavy and hard to swing for use by normal soldiers. This, however, is not a problem for Kousetsu, though he does have to use two hands sometimes. It is double-edged and has a hilt that is basically a steel stick wrapped in white cloth. The metal it is made from cannot be cracked, broken, rusted, or worn. Weighs 387 lbs.

Tohashi- Nodachi
Length: 7 feet
Width: 1 inch
Description: The sword has recently been reforged to the length and width of a normal nodachi for faster movement and less weight. The hilt is black and has sapphires embedded in the diamond shaped gaps in the cloth. The tang has sapphire symbols going up the side of it. It was blessed and can't be broken, wore down, or rusted. The blade is always 0 degrees K, no matter what the circumstance.

Shishen Hakkei- Katana
Length: 4 feet
Width: 1 inch
Description: A normal katana. Has sapphires in the ebony hilt.

Shikon- Wakizashi
Length: 1 1/2 feet
Width: 1 inch
Description: A normal short sword. Has sapphires in the white hilt.

Bijuu Forms-

NOTE: Kousetsu's Sanbi forms include ice, not water, due to the mix of his chakra, the Sanbi's chakra, and his bloodline.

0 Tails- The least powerful of the forms granted to Kousetsu by his control of the Sanbi, the 0 Tails form is essentially a half-state in between his normal state and the 1 Tail form. This state grants him use of some of the bijuu's chakra and covers his body (save for his head) in a thin layer of ice. This ice does not melt (thus, is not slippery), can be used for Kousetsu's jutsu, and regenerates as quickly as it is used. His strength is increased slightly in this state.

1 Tail- The first actual bijuu form granted by the Sanbi. This form is basically the complete 0 Tail form. The ice armor is slightly thicker, takes a more definite form (it is now clearly a suit of armor, complete with separate plates), and small studs appear in various places. Also, he gains a shapeless tail of ice, though it flows as if made of water. His strength is significantly greater than in the 0 Tails form, his jutsu are slightly more powerful, his overall chakra amount has grown, and all but his head is completely immune to most projectile weapons and D rank techniques.

2 Tails- In his two tails form, the ice thickens and darkens a little, creating a solid white suit of armor. The studs become more pronounced, becoming small spikes. Kousetsu also gains a spiky helmet, complete with a face-guard that reaches from his breastplate to just below his eyes. Also, a second tail has joined the first, and their shapes become more pronounced, with plates on their top-sides and small spines near the tips. He grows even stronger than in his previous forms, his jutsu gain a significant boost, his chakra amount is increased exponentially, and he becomes virtually immune to most melee attacks, projectile weapons, and B ranked jutsu. The uncovered area surrounding his eyes is essentially his only weak point.

3 Tails: V2 Form- This is Kousetsu's most powerful form, as he combines all of the Sanbi's strength with his own, thus becoming more powerful than the Sanbi alone. Taking on many of the Sanbi's traits, he becomes a living fortress. The armor thickens and darkens significantly, to a deep grey color reminiscent of the Sanbi's true form. The spikes on the surface grow to a menacing length, and his breastplate takes on a lined pattern similar to the underside of the Sanbi's belly. The backside of his breastplate becomes wider than the front, and closely resembles the Sanbi's shell. His helmet also becomes exactly like the top of the Sanbi's head, while the face-mask becomes spikier, like the bottom.

The tails, now three, take forms exactly like the Sanbi's- Deadly spines running up the top-side, and wicked spikes adorning the tips. These tails, along with the shell, take a much denser form and, like the Sanbi's armor, are nigh indestructible. Kousetsu can control these tails as if they were appendages of his own, and they are excellent for blocking and inflicting massive damage to nearby targets. They can grow to roughly twice their usual size. Though his 3 tails form is the only one to slightly lower his speed, Kousetsu's reaction time remains unhindered, he becomes inhumanly strong, his chakra amount increases to unbelievable levels, and he becomes entirely immune to nearly all physical attacks and B ranked jutsu. The armored exterior of his tails and the shell on his back, however, can take a much greater beating, and they can shield him from most attacks that his armor can't. Due to the face-mask, he is also impervious to gas and other attacks that must be inhaled.

True Form: Sanbi- The giant, red and grey turtle demon we all know and love, the Sanbi is probably the single ugliest thing out there. However, you really can't take that much time to notice this fact when he's flooding the countryside and crushing your homes. The Sanbi is pretty much indestructible, as it's shell is just that, has massive chakra reserves, and can easily control vast quantities of water to do pretty much whatever it pleases. Don't fuck with it.


Nin: 7
Tai: 10
Gen: 0
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 10
Power: 5
Chakra amount: 7
Chakra control: 6
Seal speed: 10
Seal knowledge: 9

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PostSubject: Re: Kousetsu - Wandering Swordsman   Sun Jan 31, 2010 2:14 pm

Well, after ALL THIS FREAKING TIME, I've finally made his bijuu forms. 3 Tail is, of course, plot and Free Battle only.

Enjoy, and tell me if there's anything you REALLY think I should change. ^_^
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The Most Powerful Lawn-Dart Ever Synthesized by The League of European Zebras

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PostSubject: Re: Kousetsu - Wandering Swordsman   Sun Jan 31, 2010 2:43 pm

Added the true form, as well. Hope you like it. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Kousetsu - Wandering Swordsman   

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Kousetsu - Wandering Swordsman
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