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 The Hokage, Lumiero Mezclado

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PostSubject: The Hokage, Lumiero Mezclado   Fri Aug 29, 2008 2:19 pm

Name: Lumiero Mezclado

Age: 29

Rank: Hokage

Village: Leaf

Affinity: Wind

Clan: Mezclado

Appearance: Lumiero is a 6'3" and 180 lb. He has short, spiked blonde hair, some spikes higher and lower than others in a somewhat organized fashion. His eyes are a baby blue tint, but when using his light chakra, they turn a pure blinding white similiar to the byakugan, but much brighter. His body is lean, chiseled and almost perfect. He's not extremely built, but his strength does not suffer from this for he is stronger than he looks. As the hokage, Lumiero dawns the traditional hokage outfit, with the hat included on most occasions. Underneath this, he has a anbu outfit if a tough battle may arise.

Personality: Lumiero, as the Hokage, is the most kind hearted, loyal, and honest ninja there could be. The epitome of a saint. He is very understanding and negotiable, usually finding a way to communicate with others -which is a plus when being a kage of a village, communicating with other kages and daimyo is very important- and making them feel as equals, when in most cases, as Hokage, he is above them. "Just call me Lumiero," he says. This man also has a soft heart for animals, babies, and anything that seems like it can't defend itself. But, seeing his soft side as a weakness is a grave mistake which many should never do. Lumiero, fortunately, is no pushover. He is a very strong, brave, and determined individual who will work hard to do what he needs to do, be successful in doing it and being as efficient as possible. Few missions have failed when Lumiero has been involved and he prides himself in his ways.

Likes: Peace, happiness, helping others, all types of chicken, a good fight!

Dislikes: Hate, destruction and disbelievers.

History: Born from a clan in the Leaf Village named Mezclado. He and is twin brother were very peculiar at birth, Lumiero was born with small white retractable white wings and his brother Diavalo born with a non-retractable black tail. His clan looked at Lumiero as a blessing and child from the heavens and he was loved from it, his brother was the opposite and was treated as a curse. Lumiero soon realized he had two different chakras, one the normal blue chakra and the other is white light chakra. With this chakra he soon learns to control the energy to make shields like force fields, make energy beams, blasts and bombs. In the academy they realize he has an affinity for wind so he learns many wind jutsus because of it. He also is very kind hearted and hates to see people hurt, which inspires him to learn basic medical ninjutsu, as he learns medic jutsu he experiments and adds his light chakra to his techniques which makes them rival tsunade and kabutos healing powers. With his outstanding abilities he is soon asked to join anbu and he gradually becomes an anbu captain.

Lumiero’s success enraged his brother Diavolo, who has hated him his whole life because of his jealousy of the love he got by family and others. Lumiero was soon confronted by Diavolo and they fought a long and great battle. Lumiero was stronger than Diavolo because of his abilities, he soon bested Diavolo and Diavolo surrendered and said he would leave the Leaf Village. Lumiero was not the happiest person about the decision but acknowledge it and walked away. Diavolo traitorously shot a giant fireball jutsu at Lumiero as he walked away, Lumiero dodged it easily and flew high in the air. And used a genjutsu called the Chains of Heaven to capture Diavolo. Lumiero’s jutsu holds him tightly while he explains what it does. He says, “Dear brother, you and your actions has caused this and until your heart becomes pure you can never get out of this jutsu. So abolish the hate and darkness that you have in your heart and become a gentle soul who helps not hurts. After you do this you will be free.” Lumiero flies away leaving his brother, a tear drops from his eye.

After a few years he was promoted to Hokage. He has went through alot as Hokage and will protect his village with his life. He has also been in a relationship with a fellow Jounin, Natura Tenshi, they will get married soon.


Ninjutsu: He has a special type of chakra not including his regular chakra, light chakra. This chakra is more powerful than his normal chakra and makes more powerful jutsu. With a wind affinity he delves into more A and S rank wind jutsus, but being a kage, he knows most of the non-kekei genkai based ninjutsu of the Leaf Village. Also, he is a practitioner of medical jutsu; he augments his medical jutsu with his light chakra to make the jutsus more efficient.

Taijutsu: Being a medical ninja and having great chakra control provides him immense strength.

Weapons: He has many weapons because of the katanas' special ability.

Light Katanas
Length: 5 feet (this is base, can stretch to any length)
Width: 2 feet
Description – his main weapons that he created himself with light chakra. Unlike regular katanas, they have special abilities that make them incredible. The first special ability is that they can stretch to any length at anytime, giving them infinite range. The next ability is that they can emit light chakra from it to make such things as energy waves and bombs. The last ability is to transform its shape and turn into other weapons.

Light Bow
Description – the katanas clip together and form this bow. No real arrows are needed since Lumiero can make light arrows. The light arrows are swift and very deadly; they come in different sizes depending on what they are for. Big Arrows are for explosions and little arrows for accurate sniper like shots.

Light Zanbato
Length: 16 feet
Width: 3 feet
Girth (at middle): 13 inches
Description – a very heavy type of weapon for some wielders but not for Lumiero, as a medic ninja his chakra control gives him insane strength so he can hold it in one hand. He easy slices through any opponent and it is great at breaking other ninjas swords.

Light Whip
Length: Can Grow To Any length
Description – this whip slices through everything and can create sonic booms, but more importantly, can grip a hold of enemies from miles away. Can also attach things to help him get around, even though he probably doesn’t need it since he has wings.


Nin: 5
Tai: 4
Gen: 2
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 4
Power: 5
Chakra amount: 5
Chakra control: 4
Seal speed: 3
Seal knowledge: 4
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The Hokage, Lumiero Mezclado
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