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 Natura's Story

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PostSubject: Natura's Story   Sat Aug 30, 2008 8:33 am

Natura: But mother... I dont want to be a full on medical ninja!

Tenshi Leader: But you have to my daughter, we are the clan of healers, known as the Angelic clan who helps and heals all...

Natura: BUT!!! Being in the hospital all day... is boring and I cant be in nature on mission with friends...

Tenshi Leader: Natura, I have already said NO, you are going to be a medic ninja and that's FINAL!

Natura: I CAN BE WHATEVER I WANT TO BE!!!! *runs off in the forest*

Tenshi Leader: That girl...

Natura: *in the forest* Mom doesn't understand me, she only cares about herself... *she notices something in the distance*

Lumiero: Ok, lets try this again *makes a light arrow and shoots it across a lake and wrinkles and waves appear in the water it flies over it* That was a good one, lets try two now *shoots two arrows across the lake and they zig zag around eachother* I think im getting better!

Natura: (Who is that guy, he's kinda cute and he looks strong) *she gets closer to him, but not enough for him to sense her* (I wonder if I should introduce myself, I wonder if he'll like me, or I wonder if he'll run...) *she builds up enough courage and yells* HEY!!!!!

Lumiero: '' *he loses his balance and falls in the lake*

Natura: Oops *she runs over to him and pulls him up and looks in his eyes* ''uhhh... very meet nice you yes hi *she says before she passes out*

Lumiero: Wow, that was weird...

*A few minutes later*

Natura: *she opens her eyes and Lumiero is looking straight at her*

Lumiero: Hey, are you alright?

Natura: *she looks at his face and smiles* Yeah, I am...

Lumiero: Good, usually girls dont pass out when they look at me!

Natura: I guess you can just say that i'm no regular girl...

Lumiero: Well i'm a regular boy... my name is Lumiero Mezclado! *he smiles widely* ... and you are?

Natura: Natura Tenshi *she frowns* the greatest healers of the Leaf!

Lumiero: And why is that bad?

Natura: Because, I have to stay cooped up in a hospital all day, away from nature, people and you!

Lumiero: Well... I just met YOU!

Natura: Your right, ''

Lumiero: But thats alright, very meet nice you yes hi *starts laughing*

Natura: *punches him softly* It's not funny!

Lumiero: Your right, it was hilarious! *continues laughing*

Natura: *smiles* I guess it was funny *laughs with him*

*they talk for the whole day on the lake*

Lumiero: I see... just tell your mom that you want to be outside and want to be in nature and not in a building the whole day...

Natura: I've tried, but it wont work, she says that we as Tenshi ninja, should be healers and work in the hospital, not be in the nature!

Lumiero: Well, if you really have to work in a hospital, i'll come and visit and we can go to the forest...

Natura: Really...

Lumiero: Yep *he smiles* we can come to this exact spot! *he looks at the moonlight over the water* this is our lake!

Natura: Lumiero...

Lumiero: Yes Natura...

Natura: Thank You! *she lunges over and kisses him on the cheek*

Lumiero: *he blushes* Your welcome Natura...

*Flashback ends*

Lumiero: Hey Natura, whats wrong?

Natura: Nothing, nothing, just remembered something!

Lumiero: What was it?

Natura: Uhh... that we need to get going to the Sand now!

Lumiero: Dang it, I forgot *rushes and gets stuff ready* Thanks Natura *he kisses her on the cheek*

Natura: Your welcome Lumiero...

Hokage of the Leaf Village
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Natura's Story
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