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 The forest of Death

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PostSubject: The forest of Death   Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:21 am

The most isolated area in the entire Leaf Village, the Forest of Death also known as Practive Grounds 44. Here there were only two things that await Rio. Rest and prey, Rio always keeps his senses alert as the wolves had taught him. Not even the tinniest fly would escape him. Walking through the forest alone, Rio was alone. Following the same path he always did when he came here. The trail was clear of prey as it became his territory over time. The things living in this forest avoid the area Rio is always walking through every day. As he made his way to his destination he too out a kunai and threw it into the head of a slightly large tiger that had unknowingly intruded into this territory where it didn't belong. The kunai stuck into its head and the beast came charging at him. Rio jumped up and held his hand out to push the tiger's head into the ground with it's own momentum being used against it. He launched himself over the tiger as it slid face first into the side of a tree. The kunai in the tiger's head connect ith the tree before the tiger itself did and was pushed into its head, killing it.

Rio had already walked away from the area and moved on to a small cleared out area guarded by wolves. This was where Rio's old teammate was buried when he died on an assignment they were given by their sensei. The wolves moved away from the grave and disappeared into the forest surroundings to hunt anything nearby. Rio walked up to the grave where they buried his teammate. Rio thought back when the two were on their assignment. His teammate, he died when they were merely looking for a scroll their sensei had hidden. Rio looked over at the patch of moss that he later found the scroll underneath. And even after hearing the story of what had happened the only words rio's sensei had to spare were that they had lost the shinobi on the team that he always thought was holding the team back. The remainder of Rio's team were split up and re-assigned to new teams. Their sensei was also given a new team, Rio hasn't heard from his sensei since that day. He looked back to the grave in front of him giving a moment of silence for the dead. He turned around and the wolves reappeared from the surroundings. Rio left the area and made his way back to the village.

Rio "I will protect you from the pain of loss. To protect everyone from losing another I will die without hesitation. We live for each other more than for anything else."
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The forest of Death
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