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 Yozora Ametsuchi

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PostSubject: Yozora Ametsuchi   Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:33 pm

Your Name: Yozora Ametsuchi [Ame]

Age: 25

Rank: Student

Village: Leaf Village

Affinity: Wind and Transmutation

Type: Ninja

Specialized: Taijutsu

Clan: Ametsuchi

Physical description: Short, with raven colored hair, and deep aquarmarine eyes.

Likes: ---Unknown---

Hates: The thought of her past, the smell of burning food, and the hungry burglar.

Background: A woman with an attitude, Ame isn’t afraid to speak her mind to someone. Having a way with words on occasion, she’ll swindle people of money, prizes, and even bribed a 5 year old for a cupcake. She’s practically got no morals when it comes to thievery.

She grew up in the slums of the Leaf Village. Having a bitter taste of her past, it remains mysterious. She hasn’t conveyed it to anyone. All that people know is that she’s a slum dog. She made it to the top by stealing, but no one knows that.

Her mother was sickly, and weak. Her mental state of mind was even worse, often abusing Ame to the point where the girl had bruises as a decoration of her mothers so called “love”. Her mother had a brain anueryism in her sleep and never woke up. Ame was relieved that her mother was gone. But not having the emotional connection with her, she has a natural disdain for women, but at the same time considers herself to enjoy a woman. Not having a real mother figure, she’ll often chase women around for her pleasures.

Her father was even more torturous. He gave her a scar along her cheek, because of her father being a nut. The only thing she remembers about him is his nature. When she had the chance she stole a potent sedative from a medical facility and drugged her father to the point of death. She was free of her father, but at the same time it felt whole heartily like revenge. She liked the idea of revenge.

Her sibling was her sister. Who was virtually out of the picture. Her sister had long since disappeared from the picture. She was 5 years older, and she had no idea what her sister looked like. Her parents had tossed his sister into a garbage bin when she was a babe 5 years before Ame was born. That’s all Ame knows about her.

Having grown up in the slums, she knows what a hard life is like. She’s had her fill of hideous things. But no one said she didn’t have a right to get an education. Or at least the bit of one. So she went to ninja school. It didn’t last long, she eventually stopped working. She beat up a boy, and hurt other kids who wanted to pick on her. It was a violent version of her saying “Hello.”

She doesn’t have an idea of what she wants to do in life. She just has all these unfulfilled wants that don’t seem possible to her. After dropping out of school, she roamed around. Considerably homeless, but even still had a bit of hope for herself. She decidedly came across the leaf ninja Sanin Hyuuga. She got a lot of information about him after going into his office and learning more about him.

She’s sat in the dark for awhile, waiting for something to happen. But her life proved uneventful. Her life went on with stealing. Her anger grew a bit worse, but at the same time, their was still a dark past she tried to cover up. Her eyes have seen death, her mouth has tasted blood, her tears stopped falling long ago. Ametsuchi, a prize in the eyes of her “gang”, she has no limits on showing mercy. She stole the assasins creed of, “Nothing is real, all is permitted.”

At the age of 19, something happened to her, causing her to have dreams every night of Rio, the Sanin. Unknowingly she carries apart of a woman’s soul, Karuson’s. Karuson died in her early twenties, and apart of her soul entered into Ame’s body. It bound to her, and stayed within her body. Constantly Karuson would give dreams to Ame, over and over, each night. Until one day Ame encounters Rio...

Weapon Name: ---Yet to be Described---
Type: ---“ “---
Description: ---“ “---

Nin: 4
Tai: 10
Gen: 8
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 7
Power: 7
Chakra amount: 8
Chakra control: 8
Seal speed: 5
Seal knowledge: 5
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Yozora Ametsuchi
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